5 tips for enhancing your quality of website traffic

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When it comes to website traffic, it seems like everyone is focused on the numbers. People will talk endlessly about the number of unique visitors they attract each month, but there’s one thing you’ll only hear a select few people discuss: quality of website traffic. But even though quality doesn’t get as much attention as quantity, the reality is that the former is exponentially more valuable than the latter.

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The website traffic fallacy

Traffic volume matters, but it’s been overemphasized for years. After all, what does website traffic tell you? It says that you either have an excellent SEO strategy in place or are proficient at generating traffic from a specific source. Both are good things, but don’t tell you anything about the traffic quality coming in and how much return you’re generating from each visitor.

To understand why a focus on traffic volume over traffic quality is absurd, let’s analyze the analytics from two fictional websites:

  • Website A: Has 2,000 daily visitors with a bounce rate of 31 percent.
  • Website B: Has 1,500 daily visitors with a bounce rate of 6 percent.

Which website is actually performing better based on these two isolated metrics? Well, at first glance, you may assume that having 500 additional visitors per day (which comes out to roughly 15,000 more unique visitors per month) is ideal. However, is it really more valuable if your bounce rate is hovering at 31 percent? When you consider that Website B’s bounce rate is just 6 percent, the answer is no.

The story’s moral is simple: lots of traffic with a high bounce rate is essentially useless, whereas smaller traffic numbers with high conversion rates are compelling.

5 tips for enhancing the quality of traffic

Let’s be open about one thing: it’s neither easy nor effortless to enhance your website traffic quality. It takes time, money, and energy to do so. However, the investment you put into increasing traffic quality will be returned multiple times over in the future.

Let’s check out a few tips to help you get started:

1. Study the numbers

If you want to know what separates your high-returning traffic from your low-returning traffic, you must improve your analytics and begin studying the numbers.

“If you understand what drives your visitors to stay on your site, you can improve the ‘quality’ of your website traffic,” explains data pin, a leader in self-service analytics. “The goal is to decrease your bounce rate steadily over time while increasing average session duration and pages per session.”

How do you know what to look for? Well, you can begin by developing a list of key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics that you believe constitute successful interactions. As data pins notes, these typically involve things like bounce rates, goal conversion rates, landing page conversion rates, click-through rates, customer lifetime values, and more.

The more specific you can get with your KPIs and metrics, the better chance you have of accurately measuring which visitors are valuable. From there, you can identify ways to replicate success and enhance the overall quality of your website traffic.

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