500 WORDS writing competition: the winners

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This is simplest the second yr of our 500 Words quick tale writing opposition. Ultimate 12 months was this sort of excellent enjoyment that we did fear: would possibly go returned and doing it once more now not live as much as expectations? Properly, how incorrect are you able to be? These 12 months’ opposition and the grand finale had been larger and higher, and we’re determined to up the ante once more for 2013.

On these pages, you may experience memories with the aid of the 2 Isobels, Hardwood and Murray, who had been our normal gold medallists They – and the other winners – blew our judges away (judges who’re all professional writers of a few words, by way of the manner).

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But 500 Phrases is about extra than remarkable stories through two talented younger writers; it’s approximately the 74,000-plus youngsters throughout Britain who despatched us a story this 12 months. A number of them won’t even have written a story earlier than, Some of whom might not assume writing, or studying, is for them.

And it’s approximate all the kids who will now visit the 500 Phrases website (see underneath) to look at our Guidelines Films or examine our Pinnacle memories, and who may begin wondering studying and writing would possibly simply be for them after all.

By using Isobel Harwood

Winner, age 10-thirteen class

‘Where art thou, Female Guinevere?” …

Oh no! I don’t deserve this, do I? I sighed nervously, ragged breaths following, my 2d week of high school approximately to implode! As I grew to become, I noticed Peter, lacking his old knight costume, However fantastically improvised with a paper crown and branch sword. He becomes surrounded utilizing a group of smirking young adults, shooting names and sarcastic arrows. Peter didn’t be aware! Now not honestly! He changed into too absorbed, possessed through his today’s position.

King Arthur’s face lit up. “Guinevere! My Woman, I have lower back!” I twisted my neck as though on some jarring cog, scanning behind me, praying for a breakout! …

I used to be 4. Peter and his dad and mom moved into the flat above, and at once, younger as I used to be, I knew something wasn’t pretty ordinary. Perhaps it turned into the way his room turned into complete of astronaut tools. Not your usual Buzz Lightyear plastic stuff; no, this become collector’s dream, actual deal Nasa within the room above me! Maybe it was the way he spoke approximately area, an understanding far-off glimmer in his eye. Whilst we weren’t gambling Moon Landings, we had been building teleporters – only his were always a bit more elaborate than mine, real wires connecting, lighting up. My cereal packing containers and three inches of Sellotape protection never quite matched up! But we have been little; it didn’t matter! Peter changed into the most a laugh ever, understanding the lot approximately the lot – sincerely!

He didn’t want to be touched. He didn’t like me to move things in his room, now not from their locations, their carefully cataloged locations. But we had been little; it didn’t be counted. Peter was still the maximum fun ever.

While we started faculty, it turned into a first-rate, However as we were given older, A number of the children notion Peter became a chunk bizarre. They didn’t recognize him like I did; they didn’t take the time. Through 12 months 2, we had been champions of the Wild West, Leonardo da Vinci’s apprentices, and the First Global Conflict infantrymen. I closed my eyes and listened to him as he has become my talking history book, transporting us to yet again and region.

I may want to almost see the smoke of the teepees, scent the oil at the canvas, listen to the weapons in my ears. We have been the champions of the playground, Peter and that i.

Yet the summer marking the quit of our primary years noticed Peter off to spouse and children in Ireland. Peter’s mother and father had set me the task of easing the change, and so we had thrown ourselves into Camelot; Peter becomes to go on a quest across the water, leaving his kingdom and his Guinevere to attend anxiously for his secure go back.
He stuck chickenpox and became 3 weeks late!

Meanwhile, Guinevere met Katie and Alice and changed into on the way to “popular dom” earlier than the term started out. They talked hair, boys, boys… boys…! There has been no breakout. Boastful faces beckoned, sneering, pitying!

Defining, pivotal second… I knelt. “My Lord!” I grinned! Peter was nevertheless the maximum a laugh, ever.

‘Coming Domestic’via Isobel Murray

Winner, underneath-9 category

I experience strange. There’s no other phrase for it. My life is changing again. My brother Oscar and I had handiest simply settled into life as evacuees, and now we’re going home to an area I will hardly take into account. I’ve heard about the War on Mrs. Brisbane’s radio. I recognize that many of the houses were bombed, and a few entire streets were destroyed. Will I even understand my Home?

Thoughts are spinning spherical in my thoughts, and I will infrequently hear the train whistling. Oscar snuggles as much as me, and that I understand he’s scared too, But probably in a different way. Despite everything, he is the most effective 4.

“Don’t fear,” I whisper, pulling him in close. “The whole thing’s going to be all right.” I don’t understand this for certain However it makes Oscar feel higher.

I don’t need to show him how involved I am. The teacher is in a tunnel, and I’m able to’t help to shiver. I’m not shivering because it’s dark; I’m shivering because I sense irritation.

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