6 Crucial Questions to Ask While Hiring Any Electrical Contractor in Toronto

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Electricity is a dangerous thing to deal with. So never try to take things in your hand. Prefer hiring an electrical contractor! Especially when it comes to wiring, then everything has to be done professionally and safely. So for that, hiring an experienced electrical contractor should be your top-most priority. Don’t hire an amateur, even if you are getting lower price. Furthermore, to make sure that the electrician is an expert, a few interrogations are required.

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Here we are with the list of questions that you need to ask while hiring an electrical contractor in Toronto:

1. Are you licensed?

The first and foremost thing to ask is if the contractor is licensed or not. Doing any job related to electricity is very risky. So, it is mandatory to make sure that the contractor you are hiring is licensed by the authorities. Some electricians are restricted to serve only a particular area. So don’t forget to check if he is allowed to work in your area.

2. Do you have insurance papers?

Hiring an insured electrical contractor is the safest option. It is essential to ask about insurance because if in case any accident occurs during repairing, installation, or renovation project, you will not be liable. The electrical contractor will be responsible for all the monetary benefits to the person who gets hurt on the job. Also, it is a sign of professionalism if the contractor has license papers. It indicates that they take their business and workers seriously.

3. Can I get some references?

Any professional who strives to provide only quality services will never hesitate in giving the references. The past clients can share the experience they had while working with the contractor. It will also be beneficial for you in deciding if the electrician is right for you or not.

4. Who will be performing the work?

It is crucial to know who will be performing the actual work. There might be a subcontractor working under their license. Try to meet that electrician in person. It is important to know the man who is going to work in your house. Make sure that he is trustworthy.

5. Do you have any specialty?

Some contractors are specialized in the repair and maintenance of the electrical work but are not efficient in the new installation. So if you want the job to be done with perfection, then do ask this question before signing any contract. You will be protected from the problem which can bother you in the future if not handled with maturity.

6. What warranties and guarantees you provide?

A professional electrician will always tell you how long your electrical project will be included under their warranty. Furthermore, don’t just look for the guarantee of the work; make sure to ask about the assurance of the material used. To avoid any future headache, do ask about what’s covered under warranty and what’s not. Also, get it in writing if possible.


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