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Apple Hit A Wall Inside the iOS nine.three.3 Update But There is Excellent News: Document

Apple Hit A Wall Inside the iOS nine.three.3 Update But There is Excellent News: Document

Apple is aware of the problems iOS nine.3.three has Work Reveal  induced iDevice owners: issues emerged specifically with the iBooks app after the Update. However it turned into a distinctive hassle that caused the Replace’s first weeks of lifestyles to be much less than stellar.

The Cupertino company has confirmed with Forbes that the bigger trouble had to do with a server issue, which hit them at some stage in the release of iOS nine.3.three, putting to relaxation (in some way) the concept that every other OS Replace may have to be rolled out as an antidote to the glitch.

“Do not maintain your breath for iOS nine.4,” writes Forbes contributor Gordon Kelly in his Document. That is a sobering reminder due to the fact iOS 9.three.three is poised to be the remaining OS upgrade for older devices along with the iPhone 4s and iPad 2.
The trouble with the iBooks app and other collections post-iOS nine.3.3 and with the server on the time changed into all “only a badly timed twist of fate.” Apple may additionally have hit a wall Inside the iOS nine.3.3 Update, it seems, but the server hiccup has now been constant Living Tired.

“Apple also requested me to reassure users that their iBooks and PDFs had been in no way in threat as they may be backed up in iCloud,” Kelly provides.

Had iOS 9.3.3, being the last Replace for older iDevices, been stricken with a flaw, things could have became ugly. However Twitter and customer forums seem to have quieted down with lawsuits over iOS 9.3.three problems.

Possibly an important saving grace of the iOS nine.three.three, even though, is that it isn’t as trojan horse-infested as its predecessor, the iOS nine.3.2 which, going by our very own thread right here on Tech Instances, appears to have earned various pissed off Apple customers.

After our Report on the manner iOS nine.3.2 has bricked gadgets and precipitated freezing, random reboots, battery drain and Bluetooth issues, Tech Instances readers shared man or woman problems they’d encountered.

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