Barcelona Council abandons Microsoft for open-supply software

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Barcelona’s Spanish city has introduced it will segment out its use of Microsoft software program in favor of open-supply alternatives. Over the following few years, the city will transition faraway from Microsoft’s services to guarantee its “technical.

In a press release this week, the metropolis council stated the plan’s primary segment might be applied within a year. It will see all Barcelona City Council computers provided with “open supply equivalents” instead of Microsoft-provided software program programs. Microsoft Office, which includes the suite’s Outlook, e-mail client, might be among the programs changed with an open opportunity.

Initially, the town will maintain to apply Windows as its number one running system. This is intended to allow a gradual section of the Microsoft era while preserving the platform as “a base” for open-source desktop apps.


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Eventually, Windows will also be thrown out. A Linux distribution could be set up on all town council computers, completing the transition away from Microsoft’s services. Ubuntu is already being trialed on round 1,000 municipal computers in a mixture which additionally consists of OpenOffice and Mozilla Firefox.

“The gradual switch to this kind of software will enable Barcelona City Council to assure its technological sovereignty,” stated the City Council in a press launch.
“The presence of IT large Bill Gates in municipal computers might be steadily reduced via the giving up of this municipal time period of a workplace,” Francesca Bria, Barcelona’s Commissioner for Technology and Digital Innovation, become quoted as announcing.

Centralization concerns

Barcelona’s no longer the primary city to have become its again on Microsoft. In Germany, the City of Munich transitioned to Linux over 9 years in the past. However, it is now mulling a return to Windows after dealing with lawsuits from personnel.
More lately, Moscow has advanced its very own alternative to Microsoft’s Outlook email software. There is also a public government in the UK to favor open software programs over proprietary market leaders.


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Barcelona is making the transition to open-supply a priority in its digital transformation plan. The strategy additionally consists of automation factors and higher precedence on using IT.
Digital transformation is now certainly one of Microsoft’s main markets because it promotes new offerings, consisting of its cloud-primarily based Office 365 productivity suite. Not each company is cozy with moving to centralized cloud networks, though. As corporations and public bodies rely greater heavily on virtual infrastructure, issues are growing about the marketplace dominance tech corporations maintain.

Choosing open-supply merchandise can help businesses to keep away from becoming fully dependent on an unmarried provider. Barcelona stated it will favor small businesses and neighborhood IT companies whilst granting future virtual contracts. It may also employ sixty-five in-house specialists to broaden new systems and development its transformation program.


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