Best Bitcoin wallets for Android in 2018

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Bitcoin (BTC) turned into originally invented as a decentralized and clean-to-use price machine. To this quit, there is a large quantity of pockets applications available for Android phones and devices, permitting you to take your BTC with you on the flow.

You may find out 5 of the most popular Bitcoin wallets for Android available today in this manual. While we’ve attempted to choose apps that are as simple to use as viable, if you have a large quantity of BTC, you could need to choose pockets with greater protection capabilities consisting of GreenBits. If you simplest have a small quantity of Bitcoin and simply need to check the water, you can get began rAndroidight away with apps like Bitcoin Wallet.

Bitcoin isn’t the most effective cryptocurrency on the market today. If you hold some other form of digital forex or would like to trade a number of your coins, you may select multi-currency pockets together with Coinomi.

When picking pockets, it is proper for you, something preference you make. We strongly endorse you persist with the ones available both inside the Google Play keep or the F-Droid repository, as those are much less in all likelihood to comprise malware.

1. Electrum Bitcoin Wallet

The ultimate lightweight and transportable Bitcoin wallet

Excellent reputation
Strong safety capabilities
Occasional problems with QR scanner
Electrum is well-known in the Bitcoin world as one of the maximum famous ‘skinny customers’ for storing Bitcoins, and the Android app would not disappoint. After downloading, your pockets are generated using a ‘seed’ of 12 random phrases that you need to write down. If whatever happens to your Android tool, you could then use this seed to repair your wallet in conjunction with your BTC. Your ‘private key’ isn’t always locked into Electrum, and you can export your BTC to some other pockets if you desire.

The Electrum Bitcoin Wallet for Android takes protection severely: your seed and personal keys in no way leave your tool. During setup, you are additionally asked to create a 6-digit PIN that is used to verify bills. If you already use the computing device version of Electrum, you may even need installation a ‘watching only’ wallet on your smartphone, which lets you view your stability and obtain BTC – however, no longer ship them.

The maximum latest Electrum Bitcoin Wallet model comes bundled with its own QR scanner to easily seize pockets addresses and ship payments. To receive BTC, just faucet on the ‘Receive’ segment to display a reachable QR code for others to scan. This function is best well-matched with the ZXing QR Scanner. If you use any other app to test codes, be warned that this may motive compatibility troubles.

2. Coinomi Wallet

Manage and alternate all of your coins in a single place

Best Bitcoin wallets for Android in 2018 1

Supports multiple cryptocurrencies

Restore your coins effortlessly with a backup phrase
Some customers claim troubles with changing coins
Coinomi Wallet became at the start created in 2015 and has when you consider that, evolved stable popularity as exquisite pockets for storing not the best Bitcoin; however, other cryptocurrencies, such as Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, now not to mention any amount of Ether tokens. You can choose which coins to display inside the on-hand ‘assessment’ segment during setup, which lists the current marketplace rate and a fee for each currency.

Like Electrum, your wallet addresses are generated using a ‘grasp seed’ of 12 random words, which leaves your device in no way. You can use this to repair your wallet balance for all your cash should something occur to your tool. Coinomi gives a choice to set a password at some point of setup as opposed to an obligatory PIN as with Electrum. If you pick out not to set a password, ensure your Android tool has a screen lock enabled and is encrypted.

See our manual for encrypting your Android tool.

Coinomi has incorporated help for exchanging different cash using either of the services Shapeshift or Change for a small charge. User reviews have suggested occasional issues with this whereby transactions don’t confirm for some time, even though this wasn’t a problem in the course of our very own assessments.

As of January 2018, Coinomi additionally not appears to be open supply. This way that it’s tough to realize if there3. Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet
Benefit from a Swiss army knife of privacy functions

Highly acclaimed

Best Bitcoin wallets for Android in 2018 2
Compatible with hardware wallets

No Segwit guide

Mycelium is one of the most particularly acclaimed Bitcoin wallets around. The website claims that Mycelium gained the ‘Best Mobile App’ award from Blockchain. Information in 2014, and that there may be no pockets with more stars from opinions on Google Play.

Mycelium is entirely open-supply; this means that it is plenty easier to test for any software bugs. It is also close to-not possible for developers to include hidden backdoors to steal your BTC.

The interface is specified in quite a simple style with buttons to ship and obtain BTC in addition to experiments in QR codes. Mycelium also has an integrated address ebook for making bills.

The settings section of Mycelium incorporates a huge arsenal of protection capabilities. First and important is the safety PIN, which you could set so that Mycelium requests it every time you make bills. The app additionally helps sweeping non-public keys from paper wallets, in addition to ‘bloodless storage’ wallets so that you can best display your balance, and can’t be used to send BTC.

Although there may be no desktop equal to Mycelium, you can use it with hardware wallets like Trezor to digitally ‘sign’ transactions. This makes it tons more difficult for every person to steal your Bitcoins.

At the time of writing, Mycelium doesn’t guide Segwit. You can examine more data about what this is and why it subjects here. However, this ought to now not affect regular transactions.

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