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editorr Offers New Proofreading Service By Real People in Minutes

editorr Offers New Proofreading Service By Real People in Minutes

San Diego company editor, LLC is launching their writing service that allows everyone to have on-demand access to a network of professional editors. The proofreading service, editor, can be used on iOS, Android, and at  Currently, editor is available for English writing only, with plans to expand to other languages in the future.

With editor, everyone can write well. It has been called “Uber for writing” as the requests are dispatched out to a network of qualified and prescreened editors who pick up the job anywhere, using a mobile connection.

Using editor is easy. A user submits their writing request using the website or mobile apps. Next, the request is picked up within a few minutes by a qualified editor who begins working on the request.

The user receives the revised version of their writing with

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in minutes. This service allows users to have access to qualified editors without having to wait days to get help Jav Leech.

Since April 1st, over 2000 users have already signed up for editor, with over 750 downloads on iOS and 250 on Android. The first 500 words are free, after that the cost is $.03 per word with a maximum request size of 2,000 words. editor also offers monthly subscription packages and business plans. The average request size is 277 words, picked up in 1.5 minutes and fixed in 10.3 minutes.

“I want to give everyone the opportunity to write well. There should be no excuse for poor writing,” said Brian Robison, CEO, and co-founder of editor. “Growing up and living with a learning disability myself, I know the struggles that I have writing. I am fed up with poor writing and living in a culture that finds it acceptable. I want people to understand that writing well is important, and it is a representation of you. People should not be limited to express their creativity because of poor writing, lack of time, or learning disabilities. Not only are we creating jobs for editors, but we are also changing the way people write and helping them write better.”

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Robison has defined his brand as a simple straight forward solution to help everyone write well. He notes that editor’s core values are speed, quality, and value. Users can expect an excellent experience using the service from the state-of-the-art user interface to exceptional customer service and support. Robison hopes the service will empower people to write better, write more, and take control of their writing now, not later.

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