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Going to the Olympics? A few health risks to bear in mind

Going to the Olympics? A few health risks to bear in mind

Roughly 1/2 a million human Frett Board  beings from around the arena are expected to travel to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. And while Zika is within the spotlight, there are other bugs and fitness problems that Olympic athletes and spectators need to hold in mind.

What is the largest risk? Health professionals say the maximum probable reason of death or serious harm to travelers everywhere is accidents from automobile accident, falls, crime or different mishaps.

But that’s no longer What’s on the minds of human beings headed to the Olympics, said Dr. Nicholas Van Sickels, associate director of Tulane College’s travel medicinal drug hospital in New Orleans.

“Zika is what brings them within the door,” Van Sickels said of new clinic traffic.

A take a look at those fitness issues, and what athletes and vacationers can do about them.


HOW Massive A chance IS ZIKA?

The threat of having ill from Zika is low, especially as compared to different ailments that a tourist to Rio might suffer. It’s winter in Brazil; a time when mosquitoes that spread the virus are at a low ebb. But for moms-to-be, the stakes are very high due to the fact an infection during pregnancy can reason critical start defects. It is why pregnant women were told to live away.


But HOW Can I Keep away from ZIKA?
The virus is mainly spread with the aid of tropical mosquitoes, though it also can be transmitted via intercourse. Travelers can defend themselves from mosquito bites by using, among different matters, sporting long sleeves and lengthy pants and the use of insect repellents. Also, stay in locations with air conditioning or that use window and door screens, the CDC suggests.


WILL I Recognize IF I’m Inflamed?

You might not. Maximum Infected people do not get ill, and people that do normally enjoy the handiest mild signs, like fever, rash, crimson eyes, joint ache, that ends inside per week. But A few Infected adults have advanced a paralyzing condition called Guillain-Barre syndrome.


WHAT about other TROPICAL ailments?

The same mosquito spreads other tropical ailments, consisting of chikungunya, which has been spreading in Brazil and other parts of South The united states in the previous few years. It has some identical signs as Zika, but the joint pain is regularly debilitating and might deliver humans a stooped look – the call chikungunya comes from a phrase meaning “to emerge as contorted.” Like Zika, there may be no vaccine or cure for it. There are vaccines or medicines for other mosquito-borne illnesses visible in Brazil, along with yellow fever, dengue fever and malaria. Those aren’t considered plenty of a danger for Olympic site visitors, though.

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