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Higher Lenses For Amanda

Higher Lenses For Amanda

Amanda in a dilemma

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There was once a young teenager that had difficulty seeing the board and understanding what was being written on the chalkboard when her teacher would write their class work, assignments and homework. Her name was Amanda and for some reason it was hard for her to read what was written on the board, but she was under the impression that it was a normal occurrence and that everyone in the class was also suffering from the same issue due to the distance from the board to their desks. When she decided to bring up the matter to one of her closest friend; Stacey she was truly concerned and made Amanda understand that it was not normal for her to feel that way and that she should do something about it immediately before the situation got worse. Amanda was stubborn and refused to go to the doctor for assistance as she told herself that eventually the symptoms would go away and that she would return back to her normal state. The situation was unfortunately not getting any better but instead, getting worse! Stacey finally approached Amanda one day after class and demanded that she go see a physician or she would report the matter to their teacher. Very reluctantly Amanda booked an appointment with her mother in order to see an ophthalmologist the following week. The following day at school Amanda told Stacey of what she had done, and Stacey was very proud of her and assured her that everything would be okay.

How the issue got resolved for Amanda

A week passed, and it was time for Amanda to visit her ophthalmologist. She had to miss class for that appointment and went with her mother as she was a bit nervous. When the doctor took her in she was very kind and gentle which put Amanda to ease right away. She performed all the tests that she needed to perform and asked all the questions that she needed to ask in order to get clarification from Amanda. After all the extensive tests and questions, she told Amanda that she would have to verify her findings and get back to Amanda eventually. Amanda was upset as she felt as though she would receive her response immediately but that was not the case.  She was waiting for another week and the ophthalmologist called her for another appointment. When Amanda came in to the office the Doctor immediately said; I have great news for you!”  Amanda got her hopes up thinking that the issue was resolved have. In a sense it was resolved but not as she would have liked it to be resolved. The doctor had a few pairs of eyewear frames on the table as she said “here are some of the frames that we have, please select your preference as you would need 1.74 high index lenses” with a huge smile on her face. Her heart sank, and her palms became sweaty, Amanda asked “will I actually be wearing glasses going forward? “. She smiled and said “you sure will! I am sure they will look amazing on you”. Amanda again, reluctantly selected the frames that she preferred, and they eventually constructed a pair of eyewear for her. In a few months she actually grew into them and did not think that they were so bad after all.

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