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Highlight Blogger of the Week: Pleasant Mom Food

Highlight Blogger of the Week: Pleasant Mom Food

We’re proud to characteristic Danielle Fahrenkrug on this week’s Blogger Spotlight, in which we spotlight a member of The Day by day Meal’s Culinary Content Community, a selected institution of gifted and influential bloggers who write about food and drink.
Danielle is a California-based totally blogger who’s enthusiastic about healthy, finances-friendly recipes which might be clean to make. She observed stability within her body after being recognized with polycystic ovary syndrome at the age of 26.


By using removing processed Food, lowering gluten consumption, ingesting no faux sugar, and taking everyday workout, Danielle completely overhauled her lifestyle and has now not regarded lower back because. Together with her weblog Delightful Mom Meals Danielle goals to show her readers that there’s no need to sacrifice flavor and pride for wholesome Meals. Her blog is full of terrific pix and smooth-to-observe recipes which are gluten-loose and may be loved Via the entire circle of relatives.

Whether you’re in the mood to make sushi or soup, entrées, snacks, or maybe dessert, Delightful Mother Meals is so complete of fantastic recipes which you are positive to locate something splendid.

Are You Geared up to weblog? – Questions to Prospective Bloggers

1 – Strongly disagree
2 – Disagree
3 – Neutral
4 – Agree
5- Strongly Agree

I experience writing – Blogs are predominantly a written medium. Although there are photoblogs, art blogs, vlogs and so forth., you still might give an explanation for your self to the individuals who visit your blog.

I have a Message – While there are many reasons why people need to blog, the intention could be speaking a few sort of message. We are talking approximately time invested

I’m a very good communicator – This statement is not to say that simplest true communicators have to have blogs but it could be an advantage to have a few basic communique competencies.

I want to be the primary voice on the blog – While blogs are desirable at constructing network – they generally characteristic one man or woman (predominantly) as the significant voice in a communication. if you’re after some thing in which anyone can start a verbal exchange then a Discussion board might be a better medium.

I am self-inspired – Starting a blog takes a touch initiative. Even as blog software program nowadays makes it simple to begin them, they don’t run themselves and take an inspired individual to both getting them off the ground.

I’m disciplined – In addition blogs require normal attention over the years. Whilst Each day posting isn’t critical, it is possibly an amazing level to aim for. I can be capable of encouraging yourself to put in writing something new every day

I have time – Connected to the want for normal updates is the fact that this takes time. I’ve time not simplest to put in writing posts, however, mild feedback, respond to reader questions, examine different bloggers posts, Network with other bloggers etc.


I’m thick skinned – in case you start a weblog, the chances are that it will likely be determined and that others will write approximately you or some issue of what you’re doing. This is incredible when the remarks of others are fine and in a settlement with you – however, it is no longer a whole lot fun whilst you’re critiqued (once in a while pretty and now and again not). Do I have the capacity to take complaint nicely?

I am willing to be inside the public Spotlight – running a blog is a public act. every day you positioned your self into the gaze of others. people will analyze your words and way of life. a few will need to recognize greater approximately you and a few may even apprehend you in public Take into account that after you write something on-line it is very hard to get it removed. You is probably capable of deleting your weblog but records pick up quite a few what you write and so that you might be dwelling inside the public Spotlight for plenty longer than you’re a blogger.

I’ve any technical ability – If this had been a requirement of running a blog I’d have never gotten this a long way, however, it’s far a bonus to have the capability to study and work on a technical level. You may be operating on a PC with net based totally software and at instances, you will need to ‘tweak’ your weblog. Understanding a way to do it your self can be very handy. if you’re not this form of man or woman, you may need to make friends with someone who is.

I take myself too Significantly – One of the features I suppose bloggers have to have is a humorousness – especially in relation to looking at themselves. At the same time as there are masses of examples of bloggers who do take themselves too Severely, maximum a hit bloggers appear to have the potential to snort at themselves also.

I have a blend of humility and Ego – Coupled with a sense of humor should be humility. Whilst pigheadedness abounds inside the blogosphere it is frequently the common-or-garden blogger who ends up on the pinnacle. Having said this having a healthful ego and consider of your own really worth as a person is also an amazing feature to have as there may be a detail of ‘self-promoting’ that comes into blogging at instances. Getting this balance right isn’t always smooth – but it’s well worth operating on.

I am inclined to study more modern things – I like to examine running a blog as an adventure in which all of us knows some thing but nobody knows the whole thing. You by no means forestall studying being a blogger

I revel in analyzing – want to be excellent on the capability to study what others are writing. running a blog is a culmination of what you understand, what you read and what you encounter. A post was written might have at the least three put up in similarity

I am an organized character – As a blogger, you have to get as a minimum a touch prepared, with incoming emails, following lots of feeds, writing possibly on a couple of topics/blogs and moderating remarks all happening straight away.

I am a Social man or woman – there are many kinds of blogging but while it comes down to it maximum bloggers have a few type of a desire to hook up with readers. it is likely an advantage to definitely engage your readers in by some means.

I enjoy ‘digital relationships’ – Some of the most social people I understand are horrible on the subject of on-line interactions. Being cozy with speaking to and working with human beings you’ve in no way met before is an advantage if you’re a blogger. Growing the capability to work out Whether or not others are who they are saying they are and of properly man or woman might be a skill to develop.

I am a creative individual- Another time this isn’t an ‘ought to’ – just an advantage. The web is a cluttered region and being able to broaden Content material and community that stands proud from the rest and that surprises readers are a big plus.

I stick with a venture until of entirety – While some blogs are in a single day success, most are not. In truth, many (most) blogs are in no way as a success as their owners would love. A long-term approach is One of the basic portions of advice that I’d supply most bloggers.


I’m Constant – people do like to realize what to anticipate to some extent. Converting weblog topics or the Content material or the fashion midstream and expecting the readers to adapt themselves is suicidal.

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