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New MacBook Air 2017 release date, specs and rumours United kingdom

New MacBook Air 2017 release date, specs and rumours United kingdom

Apple hosted a unique event Team Kgsr on 21 March 2016, so ahead of the occasion we had naturally expected new MacBook Air and MacBook models. In any case, the Spring event represented twelve months when you consider that each were last updated (or 365 days since it changed into first released in the MacBook’s case) and earlier than that new Air models arrived in April 2014. However instead, Apple used the occasion to reveal off the iPhone SE and the iPad Pro with nine.7in display screen.

Despite the shortage of MacBooks at Apple’s 21 March event, the MacBook rumours did not slow down. If whatever, they have got been hotting up as every body looking to shop for a brand new MacBook soon become feeling annoyed by way of the dearth of any new models with the modern day processors.


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As of nineteen April, even though, Apple has released new MacBooks and up to date the MacBook Air, but the MacBook Air update is underwhelming to say the least. Whilst the MacBook were given a electricity raise and a brand new Rose Gold coloration choice, the MacBook Air actually got a new 8GB onboard reminiscence trendy, and that is most effective for the 13in version.

Does this trace that Apple is losing interest in the MacBook Air line? Our present day questioning is that the 11in MacBook Air is about to be retired, and that finally Apple will discontinue the 13in version too as we describe in extra element below.
However, if the lineup isn’t getting the chop, we expect that Apple will stick with its every year upgrade cycle and have to launch the 2017 MacBook Air in some unspecified time in the future in early 2017, possibly among March-May also like with previous years.
New MacBook Air 2017 rumours: Will the MacBook Air be discontinued?

Tech Blogger Jack March claims to have spoken with a source close to the scenario who says that Apple is set to ditch the Air logo completely, which includes the MacBook Air and iPad Air products in its lineup Network Posting.

Right now, we suppose that Jack will be sincerely Right. There are rumours that Apple might not release an iPad Air three now that the iPad Seasoned has a 9.7in alternative, and the MacBook Air does not appear to fit clearly in Apple’s line-up now that the brand new MacBook is right here and is thinner and lighter than ever.

With the advent of the 12in MacBook and the 12.9in iPad Seasoned, it is no surprise that rumourmongers are beginning to predict that at the least the 11in MacBook Air, with a smaller display than either of those devices, will be discontinued. The iPad Pro Can also certainly be considered by means of Apple as a alternative for the 11in MacBook Air if Apple CEO Tim Cook’s feedback to the Telegraph are taken into account (posted on 1 December 2015).

Following the release of the iPad Seasoned, Cook informed the Telegraph: “I suppose in case you’re looking at a Laptop, why would you purchase a Computer anymore? No truly, why could you purchase one?

“Sure, the iPad Seasoned is an alternative for a pocket book or a laptop for many, many humans. They may start the usage of it and finish they no longer want to apply whatever else, apart from their phones.”

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