OnePlus is accepting applications to test drive the forthcoming OnePlus 3 flagship with its “Lab” initiative

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OnePlus is indeed a company that likes to stick out and do things a little differently. This can cause controversy at times, but either way, the firm has done a good job — especially among the myriad of relatively new Chinese OEMs — letting its name be known.

Today, the company has announced that the upcoming OnePlus 3 flagship will be part of an exclusive “Peer Review” program, to which everyone is invited…


OnePlus has largely been built upon its community. The direct integration that happens on its forums between customers and its own team — just think of the infamous invite system and how much that relied on word of mouth. In a way or another, however, it proved successful.

Now, in its effort to build hype around the imminent 3, OnePlus is taking on a series of initiatives, like, for instance, proposing the VR launch again, but this time with upgraded VR headsets (Loop VR) in place of last year’s cardboards and an entirely virtual space called The Loop.

Users who will be part of the launch through The Loop will be the first to get their hands on the final version of the 3. However, today’s program offers customers worldwide to apply for OnePlus’ “Lab” program and have an early copy of the phone sent directly to them for review.

Aside from some personal data (your name, phone number, email, and physical address), users will need to submit a short piece — no fewer than 500 words long — that, much like a cover letter, will let OnePlus understand why you should be selected. For one, it’ll require people to test some of their skills rather than simply take part in a random lottery.

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And you better be good, too, as the hundreds (if not thousands) of applications will be trimmed down to only thirty lucky winners.

Those who will be selected “will take an in-depth look at the many features that make up the OnePlus 3 and submit a comprehensive review” over the course of “several days,” OnePlus says.

As of the time of this writing, 5 days and a little over 20 hours are all that remain before the application submission period ends, so you better be quick. Good luck!

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