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We challenged the Soccer Saturday pundits to predict how the top six will look come the give up of the season following a significant weekend within the pinnacle-4 conflict.

Liverpool boosted their probabilities via finishing Manchester City’s unbeaten start in an epic 4-three victory at Anfield, whilst Manchester United and Tottenham recorded at ease victories.

Meanwhile, Chelsea has been held to a goalless draw with Leicester, and Arsenal slipped to 8 points adrift of the fourth area with a 2-1 defeat at Bournemouth.


1st Manchester City, 2d Manchester United, third Tottenham, 4th Liverpool, 5th Chelsea, sixth Arsenal (25/1 with Sky Bet)

At the instant, I’m worried about Chelsea. They’re no longer scoring desires, and they don’t even appear like they are going to. Michy Batshuayi looks as if he is on his way out, so they’ll be right down to one striker, and Alvaro Morata is most effective going to get extra worn-out because the season goes on.

The million-dollar query is in which Alexis Sanchez goes. If he goes to Chelsea, they end inside the pinnacle four, no doubt. Manchester United is 2nd for me based on them being favorites to signal Sanchez, which could cause them to a shoo-in.

As the first-rate as Liverpool was on Sunday, we noticed their Achilles heel on the stop of the game, so the best matters I can be positive of is Manchester City completing first and in 6th could be Arsenal, who’s nowhere near precise enough and are going to lose their high-quality participant.

If Malcolm is that first-rate, then PSG could signal him, but Arsene Wenger is looked after because he doesn’t ought to sign a player to hit the floor walking because he comes to a decision how lengthy his settlement is. They’re going to sign any individual who the general public has not heard of for £40m, even as letting one of the first-rate gamers in the Premier League cross.

It modifications all of the time, but based totally on how teams are playing, Manchester City is manifestly first, after which I suppose Liverpool have proved they’re the second-first-rate crew within the league.

That’s not simply because of Sunday’s end result; however, due to their popular play. That game confirmed the extent they’re at, even without Philippe Coutinho and Virgil van Dijk.

The Anfield form has been terrific, especially on the lower back except for Sunday. However, City has torn every person aside. The squad is good enough for a pinnacle four; however, they nonetheless require extra-fine, on the pinnacle of Naby Keita coming in, to get toward Manchester City. I assume Sunday proved the goalkeepers aren’t up to scratch.


I see the war for the final Champions League spot being between Chelsea and Tottenham. On their day, Spurs may be one-of-a-kind class, but they can also have periods in which they get a piece flaky, so I’m going for Chelsea as they have got a bit more consistency.

Arsenal’s troubles speak for themselves, and they’re in a hard period in the club’s records with such uncertainty surrounding their key players. If you’re pinning all of your hopes on Jack Wilshere, who is fragile, to say the least, then that announces all of it.

I’m edging closer to Liverpool for 2d vicinity after their win on Super Sunday without a £75m defender.

Manchester City obviously wins the name. Then I see United in 1/3, with the advent of Alexis Sanchez giving them more options to juggle having a go within the cup competitions, as we realize Jose Mourinho could be determined to comfy some kind of silverware.

But for the West Ham draw, Tottenham is scoring masses of dreams again even as Chelsea’s have dried up, so you’d consider Antonio Conte would be that specialize in addressing that in January.

I’m hopeful that Arsenal gets 6th because I don’t know where the subsequent win is coming from, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they missed out on Europe altogether.

They are simply going to ought to take greater punishment due to the fact this season is a write-off.

A Manglik is as normal as a non-Manglik person. Mangliks need to recognize that being so does not mean the cease of the sector for them.

The placement of Mars in the natal chart’s ascendants on the 4th, 7th, eighth, or 12th brings Mangal Dosha. Most astrologers include the 2d residence too. Mangliks are the ones humans who’ve mars positioned inside the above positions in their beginning charts.

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Mars in Vedic astrology

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Misconceptions approximately the Manglik dosha

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