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Saying Goodbye – Funeral Casket and Urn Options

Saying Goodbye – Funeral Casket and Urn Options

Planning a funeral, though depressing and sombre, is one of the necessary rituals of life. When someone close to you passes away, there are certain rituals and processions that must be followed, including burying the body. The process of arranging a burial, along with a memorial ceremony, can be overwhelming, especially if the deceased was a close loved one. However, when it comes to choosing the casket, you can be sure that this process will be made easier than ever before. For instance, the deceased may have specified the kind of casket they wish to be buried, or if your religion or tradition requires a specific casket to be buried in. However, there are companies and funeral parlours that you can visit to make your decision easier and more streamlined.

When choosing a casket, most people tend to look for a casket within their budget for the funeral. If not restricted by budget, most people tend to be restricted by other factors, like religion, tradition, and societal and cultural norms. Traditional caskets tend to be made of solid wood – either pine, maple, oak, mahogany, or even cherry. These caskets are also lined with soft fabric on the inside, like silk or satin. Caskets can be personalized for the family, or if the deceased had specific requests for their casket. Furthermore, the casket can have specific inscriptions on the top or sides of the casket, per specific requirements of the family. Religious traditions have different requirements for funerals. For example, Islamic traditions involve burying the dead in a shroud, rather than a coffin, whereas Christian traditions involve burying the dead in a wooden casket.

Another popular burial practice is cremating the body, and keeping their ashes in an urn. Urns today are made of a variety of different materials, including stainless steel, brass, and bronze. Nowadays, people tend to make urns out of higher quality materials, like granite or marble. Urns can be made into a variety of different shapes as well, including lined boxes made of marble or oak. Depending on the kind of budget you have, your funeral planning should change accordingly. Custom-made caskets are more expensive than normal caskets from the funeral parlour. ‘Green’ burials involve biodegradable caskets, and are made of material that will disintegrate over time, causing no harm to the soil. These types of burials are encouraged for sustainable growing practices, and can contribute to the overall growth of a park or garden. Furthermore, this type of burial is cheaper, making it an attractive and ecologically friendly option.

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