Rural districts lag in the back of in computer, internet information

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Hyderabad: Despite all the clever communication approximately Digital India, rural districts in Telangana lag behind the computer and net expertise.

Nearly 70, consistent with the scent of young adults inside the 14-18 age group in Nizamabad district, have in no way access a pc of their lives.
Students were also determined to look for subtraction and division of numbers, and 46 according to cent had been unable to name the countrywide capital.

These statistics are found out in the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) for 2017, which was launched in New Delhi on Tuesday.

According to Nazmal Shaikh, ASER partner for Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, this twelfth survey of ASER was restricted best to Nizamabad, unlike previous surveys that have been achieved in all districts leaving out Hyderabad.


He said that 1035 young adults in the age group of 14-18 years from 945 families in 60 villages had been assessed on pastime (enrolment and paintings), analyzing (basic), arithmetic and English in addition to awareness (cell, pc, net, banking, digital transactions), financial calculations, day by day tasks, maps, and general know-how.

Nearly sixty-eight percent of young adults could not do a subtraction of 3 using one wide variety.

Mr. Nazmal stated many of them could not deliver the answer for 347 divided with the aid of 9. Sixty consistent with cent failed miserably in subtraction.

Enrolment in studies become discovered to dip in the 17 to 18 age group; 29 in keeping with the scent of teenagers, male and female, had been determined to have not enrolled for any take a look at.

70 in step with cent teens may want to examine an English

And understandably 35 according to the cent on this age group have been working for 15 days or more in a month. When it comes to economic calculations, the simplest 33 in line with cent could calculate discounts. Only eight in step with cent ought to calculate compensation when responsibilities were given.

There were a few achievements too. Seventy consistent with the scent of young adults may want to study an English sentence properly, and 96 in step with cent should understand India’s map even though they failed to call us of a’s capital.

A precise 69 percent have their own financial institution bills. Teenagers had been discovered to lag in the back of in pc utilization. However, nearly eighty in line with cent nodded their assent while asked whether they used or accessed cellular phones.


The ASER survey becomes completed in 26 districts unfold over 24 states across the united states of America. Information becomes amassed on 4 domain names – interest, potential, consciousness, and aspirations.

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