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Ok, the dress does not make the monk. But against a recruiter, the saying flies. A good first impression also goes through your clothes. Make it a winning asset! T-shirt, spring jacket, shirt? We are spoiled for choice when it comes to buying corporate clothing for our employees and volunteers.

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It can be easy to make bad choices, squander a fortune and regret your purchases. Here are some suggestions.

1. Do not see this as an unnecessary expense

No need for a mountain of gold coins to buy your corporate clothes

First, have 3 seasons jackets embroidered in the colors of the resort. It is not an expense. It is an investment in promotion. Your employees and volunteers seen with these clothes convey the image of the radio. In doing so, they remind you of your existence. Let’s call it mobile advertising. Do not be spendthrift, but, conversely, do not be stingy either.

2. Make informed choices for your corporate clothes

Think before acting

A t-shirt and a cap in the colors of the radio, it’s cool. Except that we rarely go into “remote” (live advertising report) wearing a t-shirt and a cap. Casual shirts or polo-neck sweaters are a lot more business-friendly than any t-shirt. I’m not telling you not to buy t-shirts. But in my opinion, t-shirts are for contests on the air. In “remote,” one wears more a polo collar sweater.

3. Think carefully about color choices

Different shades next to each other

Think about the colors of your logo, and then opt for shades that will harmonize. Of course, it must be that the logo comes out, but we do not want it to be ugly either.

4. Make sure you get more for your budget

Calculate your business

You do not necessarily need to buy Corporate apparel for your employees. Beautiful fashion hats or even scarves in the colors of the station could be enough.

5. Women and men dress differently

A woman and a man

There are unisex clothes; it is true. However, this is not the case for all clothing. Before placing an order for 20 polo sweaters for your animators, make sure it will do it to all.

6. Check twice rather than

Realize you made a mistake buying your corporate clothes

Check twice rather than once when ordering. See if there is any fault anywhere, all the way through the process. Also, make sure the sizes are the right ones. You will often be shown the first piece of clothing before proceeding with the rest of the order. It is not when the clothing box is in your office and handed to the facilitators that you have to check for errors.

7. Do things differently

Do things differently

When you think of corporate clothing, you always think of shirts, fleece sweaters, etc. On the other hand, these are sometimes expensive you can find at Uniform Supplier.

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