Top 8 Essential Mobile App Designing Tools

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Every designer needs the appropriate app design platform to create an attractive and enticing user experience for smartphone apps. And to make that happen, they’re searching for a range of free or premium resources. In this article, we’ve listed some of the best mobile app designing tools.

Mobile App Designing Tools

App design plays a key role in the decision-making phase of the customer. There are already many mobile app design software available on the market that programmers use to develop User interfaces for applications. But choosing the right one is not a simple matter for anyone.

1. lets you conveniently build an application with no programming or technological experience about 6x faster and 70% cheaper than all other options in the market; lets you conveniently build an application with no programming or technological experience. This tool is used to build a template for smartphone applications, desktop apps, and sites. The drag-and-drop function of this platform lets users manage immersive applications seamlessly. Utilizing various components and design icons from existing apps in the form of templates, mobile app programmers can create applications for various devices, including iOS, Android, and web-based applications.

2. PlaceIt

PlaceIt is the most useful technique among designers that allows UI creation easier and faster with interesting drag-and-drop functionality. If you want to create a practical and creative software template that is both appealing and beautiful, PlaceIt is the perfect platform for your design needs.

3. Sketch

The sketch is another commonly utilized and versatile UI and UX design platform used by programmers on Macbooks to construct a fully immersive graphical interface for smartphone devices. This approach is very similar to Photoshop but is primarily developed for app prototyping. This software has the largest share of prototyping and wireframe development circles. It’s effortless to understand the basic functionalities of this tool.

4. Slicy

Slice is one of the finest prototyping platforms on the market. Slice makes it possible for users to export assets from Photoshop PSD to various common file formats. It has a wide variety of features that adds a tremendous advantage to iOS workflow designers. Making a template and UI in Slicy is really simple, just drag and drop your Photoshop file to the Slicy window after you start the program, and your files will be exported seamlessly.

5. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is among the most popular mobile app design development tools and has been the primary UI and UX programmer option for several years. This software tool has a range of modules that support programmers in creating high-quality and alluring app designs.

This app has an intermediate learning curve and can be accessed for a seven-day trial and bought if it satisfies your requirements. If you’re a mobile app designer searching for the latest design platform, it can be the ideal fit for you.

6. Zeplin

Zeplin has become one of the most common designer methods for designing a modern user interface. This is a paid tool. The free trial is valid for a specific project and is compliant with iOS and Microsoft windows. You should install Zeplin plugins for Photoshop and Sketch as well.

7. UXPin

UXPin is the strongest software building platform for developing UX smartphone apps. There is no need for technological experience or expertise, as its drag-and-drop capabilities are fascinating and simple to create high-end fidelity prototypes and wireframes.

This software is fully compliant with both Sketch and Photoshop. As it has different built-in modules that you can choose while developing UIs, wireframes, or prototypes for online, tablet, and desktop products.

8. FramerJS

FramerJS is a flexible, immersive mobile app modeling method. However, to use this method, you should have coding experience. It also has a dynamic editing feature that instantly creates the backend code that can be modified if you wish to engage with the code.


Nowadays, there are limitless options for you to create beautiful and engaging mobile apps with simple to use designing tools.

However, if you want to have the best experience while designing your mobile app, you should check out’s Builder Studio.

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