Why You Might Want to Keep Even Cheap Glass Pipes Clean

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If you got yourself a cheap glass pipe just to avoid investing too much money into a fragile material object that might break on you any day, it could be tempting to fall into the line of thinking that keeping it clean is a pointless effort. Since you and your friends can be pretty clumsy when enjoying a sesh, you might think that it’ll break any day now and you’ll just go and get a new one, but then you find that it lasts you for months and the little pipe is gaining quite a bit of, um, ‘character’ let’s say. It’s really not as hard as you think it is to clean it out, and the effect is more substantial than you probably feel. If you’ve had your pipe without breaking it for months, and it’s survived all your foolish stoner antics so far, then who knows, maybe you’ll be holding onto it for years and smoking out of a pipe that hasn’t been cleaned in years is awful so please don’t let it get to that point. Think these few reasons over, then maybe give that pipe a nice bath, hmm?

How to Clean Your Pipes, Bongs, and Vapes - Thrillist

  1. It’s slightly better for your lungs to smoke out of clean glass. The more combusted residue you let accumulate in there, the more stuff will ride along with the smoke you puff on and bring into your lungs. If your pipe hasn’t been clean in a while, it might surprise you just how much smoother that cheap little glass pipe could be if you just cleaned it a quick damn cleaning. The line serves you faithfully; it at least deserves an occasional cleaning now and then.
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  8. It’s only polite. If you often share that pipe with buddies, it’s nice to have their best interest in mind and usually keep it clean. You want your friends to enjoy their session with you, right? So why not ensure they’re getting the best-tasting smoke when you enjoy smoking in their company?
  9. It’s easier to store without the smell being an issue. The dirtier it is, the stinkier it is, and the more effort you have to seal it away in the corner of your closet where the smell won’t reach anyone’s nose. Clean it every week or two, and you can practically bag it in one Ziploc and forget about it wherever you put it.

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