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5 Tips for Choosing Windows that Work

5 Tips for Choosing Windows that Work

Windows are an integral part of any house design. They add aesthetics and functions to your exteriors and interiors. They help to manage light, ventilation, temperature and add some openness to the design. Because of their varied use and availability of designs, it can be a challenge choosing windows that not only look good but also function properly.

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You will have to go through a lot of research and efforts to get the right ones. But because the windows are not installed frequently and do not have any elaborate maintenance plans, your research efforts are a just one-time affair. To make your work easier, here are 5 tips for choosing the right windows-

Looks and Design

It’s the first thing you should know about windows- you can get them in any look or design. There are square, round, curved, hung, sliding, opaque, etc. window styles. You can pick and choose to customize them according to your own requirements.

Always consider the architecture of your home. Will the installed windows match the other exterior and interior design elements? For example, a contemporary full-sized floor to roof windows will not match the look of a rustic English House design.

Functions and Purpose

A window may appear simple but you can make it complicated. You can sliders, special locks, blinds, motors, shades and much more. You can always consult your replacement windows supplier to tell you about all the options that are available. Not every option will go with every window style.

You should also know the purpose of the window installation. Will it be a bathroom window or a small window for your kitchen? Both of them will have different design elements and the accessories will also go along accordingly. The best way to know about it is to consult your designer or architect.


Windows are not only for show but also a part of the building envelope. The windows are a structural part and need to be secure. It should protect you from structural damage as well as external ones like robbery, or trespassing. You want something that can actually protect you from such acts.

Secure grilles, safety screens, privacy elements, the strength of the glass, locks, and handles – all are a part of security. You don’t want to compromise on the security of your house in order to have designer windows.

Temperature and Sound

As mentioned earlier, windows are not just for show. They need to be functional as well. Temperatures can help to reduce or increase the temps of a room. They also help to aid in ventilation. Depending on your goals, you may need windows that are not moveable but rather fixed. It all comes down to knowing about your own requirements.

For example, if you want to reduce heat through the windows, you can install layered windows that absorb heat. Similarly, if you are in a busy neighborhood, you can install sound reflective windows with multiple layers.


Finally, you want to consider the quality of the finishing and installation. You want something that can last your years to come. You can go the custom route which will cost you more but you will surely get the design and functions that you desire. Or to make it easy, you can choose the factory parts which are quicker to install but can get a bit generic. The choice is up to you.


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