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A Guide to Landscape Renovation

A Guide to Landscape Renovation

Every landscape design has its own landscape renovating challenges since the layout, size and accessories are different. It can be clearly stated that not every landscape can be rehabilitated with the same things arranged differently. Various layouts ask for different designs to be assimilated depending upon the location, space and budget of the homeowners.

If the backyard is small, it is better to renovate it with planters, seasonal flowers and seating area or a gazebo. If the space is huge, it can be used to incorporate different zones for dining, relaxing and recreational activities. Homeowners that like top-notch accessories and luxurious outdoor living space can afford expensive stuff like installing a pool for throwing pool parties, outdoor kitchen with latest technology and appliances and a well-oriented patio.

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If you have an outdoor living space and wish to change the entire look of your landscape design the follow the points given below-

1) Determine the Rough Layout- Before you set foot into your outdoor living space and start implementing what you thought, it would suit the best to sketch out the rough layout combining all the elements that you wish to see in your renewed landscape.

It will help you determine the areas for planting plants, space for seating and dining and other features that can enhance the aesthetics of your place.

2) Decide What Needs to Go-  There is no fun of renovating your landscaping area, if you wish to keep the same old things but arranged differently. Yes, that won’t make a difference. There are chances that you can keep certain things, even if your landscaping is going through some major issues. Here are some things to get rid of-

  • Dead and Drying Trees and Shrubs- They should be cut down to prevent injuries and damage to your property. Besides, they can lower the curb appeal of your garden.
  • Encroaching Trees- Trees whose roots can intervene with the foundation of the house and branches with the roof must be removed.
  • Old Fences- Old and dull fences for zoning the area must be eliminated to consolidate new boundaries.
  • Damaged Structure- Structures that are damaged like decks, walkways and other builds could be either wholly taken off or repaired.

3) Keep Current Trends in Mind- Of course, the landscape design must reflect your style and personality but keeping in mind the trends can prove to be rewarding while you are drawing up your plans. Here are some things you should consider-

  • Stick to native plants- Try to add native plants since they require less water and grow perfectly adding to the appeal.
  • Choose low maintenance things- It becomes difficult to take care of everything when you are busy; therefore put stuff that is easy to maintain.
  • Add contemporary features- Add features like pergolas, decks and stone pathways with wall seating to make it look spacious and stylish.

4) Find a Landscaping Company- All the changes are not possible without taking help from the expert landscape designers. You will need their support for some work that cannot be done by on your own.


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