Heiress Bunny Mellon’s Former Caribbean Property

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A 3-acre belonging on Half Moon Bay in Antigua, once owned through past due Rachel “Bunny” Lambert Mellon, is up for grabs for $25 million, in step with its developer Half Moon Bay Antigua.

Mellon, an heiress to the Listerine mouthwash fortune who died in 2014 at 103, and her husband Paul Mellon, an art collector and philanthropist, started to bring together houses in Antigua in the Fifties.

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Heiress Bunny Mellon’s Former Caribbean Property 1

To secure the remarkable view from their 27-acre island paradise, additionally they acquired the land on the opposite facet of the bay, according to William Anderson, chief govt officer of Half Moon Bay Antigua, that’s growing a 132-acre fully-integrated vacation spot hotel including a 5-superstar luxury hotel, branded residences, and oceanfront plenty. The Mellons’ 3-acre belongings lie in this extra improvement.

The three-acre property becomes acquired via Half Moon Bay Antigua in 2016 for an undisclosed quantity. It is now up for sale, in accordance the Half Moon Bay Antigua, although there’s no listing for it.

The three-acre assets consist of lots owned by means of the Mellons and it occupies the very pinnacle of the peninsula and midway to the bay, consistent with Mr. Anderson.

“It’s difficult to find something corresponding to its prominence and records. And as a long way as I know, it’s far the most high-priced piece of assets within the Caribbean,” he said.

Pristine, flat seashores in Antigua have drawn many celebrities citizens, together with Oprah Winfrey, Eric Clapton, Giorgio Armani and Richard Branson.

Somewhere obtainable exists the real Caribbean- A hidden land pleasantly lacking foreign-owned all-inclusive inns that gate visitors in and preserve the island out. On this island expats, sailors, guests, and locals merge into a unique combo of camaraderie shared over bloodless beers whilst serenaded by means of the rhythms of reggae and metal drums. Here one falls asleep to the cry of the neighbor’s pet goat and wakes as much as the alarm of the resident fowl. This mystery land, despite the fact that hard to get to, is nicely well worth the go to, or perhaps even an prolonged live. Whether you fly, sail or swim, so as to meet the actual Caribbean face to face one must get themselves to Bequia, the crown jewel of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.


Heiress Bunny Mellon’s Former Caribbean Property 2

The island, simplest 9 miles south of St. Vincent (called the “Mainland” to locals) become first settled through the Arawak human beings. The Artworks had been in the end removed by means of the Caribs, a warlike race who took over the island and named it “Becouya”, that means “Island of Clouds”.
The lengthy duration of European colonization began in 1664 when the French claimed Bequia, although permanent settlements were no longer established till 1719. Between 1763 and 1783, the English and French turn flopped manage of the Grenadine islands until the Treaty of Versailles gave ultimate control to England.

Under English rule, agriculture, especially sugar, become promoted in the course of the island. When the sugar change declined, the people of Bequia grew to become in the direction of the ocean and began a tradition of fishing, whaling and boat building. The whaling industry attracted Scots or even these days their lingering have an effect on is felt. Because whaling is considered an indigenous lifestyle, u. S. Is authorized to catch whales in keeping with yr under international treaty.

In 1979 St. Vincent and the Grenadines attained independence but remained part of the British Commonwealth. Due to its off-the-crushed-course area, Bequia, and the united states of America as a whole has centered on nearby, authentically Caribbean tourism that appeals to yachters and journey tourists. In a big part, the dearth of mass-tourism is an instantaneous result of the stringent rules of liked Prime Minister J.F. Mitchell, who once stated:

“The traveler dollar alone, unrestricted, isn’t worth the devastation of my human beings. U. S. A . Where humans have misplaced their soul is no longer really worth touring. We will inspire simplest small numbers of visitors whose idea of a vacation isn’t heaven or paradise, but participation in a distinctive experience. We shall try and avoid the destiny of a number of our Caribbean buddies who’ve ridden the tiger of tourism best to wind up being devoured via it. Large top notch-luxury inns with imported control, substances, and values convey false prosperity with the bad aspect effects of hovering land prices that kill agriculture, polluted seashores, visitors jams, high upward thrust production that ravages hillsides and scalds the eyeballs – the very troubles that the site visitors want to neglect.”

When to Go

Although Bequia’s tropical weather makes it an excellent yr-round destination, the first-class time to go is at some stage in the dry months. The dry season runs from approximately January to May and the wet season from June via December, with July being the wettest. From September to November hurricanes are usually a potentially dangerous prevalence.

How to Get There

This remote island is reached by air or sea. Flights can be booked immediately into Bequia’s small, J.F. Mitchell airport thru Barbados on LIAT, Mustique Air, SVG Air or TIA. The more common direction is to fly into St. Vincent and then ferry to Bequia’s Admiralty Bay. Ferries run a 1/2 a dozen instances a day and take approximately one hour, dock to dock.

Heiress Bunny Mellon’s Former Caribbean Property 3

By far the maximum famous mode of transportation is thru private yacht. Long a yachties paradise, Admiralty Bay serves as a watery parking lot for those every now and then steeply-priced companies of both the rich and famous and those who simply revel in taking to the ocean. Customs is placed immediately contrary the ferry dock in Port Elizabeth.

Getting Around

Being best a mere seven rectangular miles in length, the whole island can be taken in with a leisurely stroll. Other options include dollar buses, taxis (choose-up trucks with canvass awnings over the cabs) and water taxis for seashore hopping. Taxis can be picked up at The Almond Tree in critical Port Elizabeth, that’s literally simply an almond tree where the taxi drivers sit down inside the color and look ahead to business. Fares need to be negotiated prior to the journey.

Best Attractions

Bequia isn’t always a vacation spot complete with marquee sights since the real attraction here is its laid-back local pace. In reality, a famous solution to the query of “What’s there to do?” is easy, “Nothing”, which is precisely the beauty of the island. Be positive to % plenty of paperbacks, crosswords and gambling cards. However, when you’re not busy “doing nothing”, right here are some matters to occupy your loose time:


Bequia’s mountainous terrain blesses it with several secluded harbors lined with long stretches of peaceful sands. All beaches are public, however, it’s uncommon you will see greater than a handful of humans at any given time. The closest seashore to Port Elizabeth is Princess Margaret Beach. The seaside is lined by using a tropical woodland of shady arms and overlooks the turquoise waters of Admiralty Bay and its mooring of bobbing yachts. Princess Margaret is assessable with the aid of foot; just observe the Belmont Walkway.

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