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Last chance to enter Write on Norfolk creative writing competition – as we publish three more entries

Last chance to enter Write on Norfolk creative writing competition – as we publish three more entries

Entries for the Write on Norfolk competition, run by using the EDP and Norfolk County Council, with Jarrold, near on Wednesday, August 31, with Louis de Bernières, author of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, on the judging panel.

Logo for the Write on Norfolk competition

Martin George, education correspondent at the EDP, said: “This is an outstanding possibility for keen younger writers to workout their imaginations, however except the laugh, there may be a serious factor at the back of the opposition.

“Research has proven that the academic performance of many children dips over the lengthy summer excursion, and schools have to spend a lot of time in the autumn supporting them capture up again.

“By using encouraging young humans maintain writing over summer, we are hoping they will be have a flying begin when they pass returned to high school next month.”

Nowadays, we’re posted a very last set of 3 entries, every from a unique age class.


Georgia Snelling, five, of St Martin at Shouldham Primary Academy

there’s a roundabout in Kings Lynn

And masses of bunnies stay there

I call it Bunny-bout or Rounda-rabbit

I love Bunny-bout

Whilst we power beyond

I say Daddy “no longer either speedy”

I really like it Whilst the site visitors lighting make us prevent

I’ve extra time to watch the bunnies hop

The bunnies like the sun

They’ve lots of fun

How did they get there with visitors all round?

They may have a tunnel underground


Dominic Stephens, 10, of Denver Primary

Pirates of Cromer

My Granny, Grandad, Nathaniel and i have been all making our way to Cromer inside the vehicle. We have been heading over to the beach to go crabbing. We chose that specific day as it turned into quality, vibrant and sunny with the tide looking love it had diamonds floating on the pinnacle. I needed to squint my eyes to peer the tide although because it became up to now out. The faded yellowy sand became being nicely used to make a mess of sand castles.

We arrived at the seashore to set up camp via a group of rocks next to the very tall cliff that become towering over the village and stopping it from flooding. The rocks had been also performing as a completely welcome solar guard. Later we ate our very yummy food. After that we went crabbing for about forty minutes. As we started heading returned I managed to drop a shell I had observed underneath a few sharp rocks and stopped as the tide started out taking it out to sea Do Enjoy Life.

There had been multiple colourful fish swimming across the shell. I reached to seize it and managed to trip over a piece of timber protruding. It appeared thrilling so I began to dig it up; this become tough as seaweed of all one of a kind colors kept falling inside the hollow.

After a while I determined I wanted to name on Grandad’s help to dig up this chest. Grandad changed into uttering something and that i tried to make it out however I couldn’t because of the noisy sea crashing at the shore and lots of seagulls squawking quite loudly.

So I stopped up jogging up to him by veering thru all the crowds of youngsters building sandcastles while the adults solar bathed, kicking sand up in the back of me as I did so. As soon as I made it to Grandad, we headed again to the chest and slowly together we unearthed it.

Happily Grandad located a sharp piece of flint so I should start bashing on the lock. I seemed up to test we weren’t being watched however out at sea I saw a ship with mysterious black sails. Sooner or later I busted the lock and lo and behold inside the massive rotten chest become…


Jem Gordon, 11, from Framingham Earl High Faculty

The person within the Tree Residence

I’m The person within the tree Residence. I know it’s no longer a tremendous call however my initials could be T.M.I.T.T.H. so that you may see why I selected the call I chose. I’m a timber sign up Trowse to symbolize the ‘terrific’ Trowse flood (I don’t see why a flood’s ‘super’). That’s likely the reason I’m in a tree Residence: to break out all the water.

I live on my own aside from Spikey, the wood hedgehog who – positioned honestly – is stupid with a capital d so he’s truely stupid not stupid (writing stupid without a capital d is simply…nicely…stupid). As an instance the other day I attempted to have interaction him in a conversation. Here are the outcomes:

“Hey Spikey, visible what’s on ITV’s Anglia Information currently?”

Spikey says not anything.

“Uh, Okay I bet you’re an Eastenders fan then. Myself, Strictly Come Woodworking!”

Spikey says nothing.

“… Right, properly…Ermmm… Ah! How about this, why don’t we play I-spy-with-my-splintery-wood-eye, Trowse signal version! You go first…”

Spikey says not anything.

“Proper, OK I’m going to stop the complete ‘try to interact in a communique with the stubborn hedgehog’ factor and say this…DO YOU OR DO YOU know not Need TO PLAY I-spy-with-my-splintery-wooden-eye, Trowse sign edition?”

Spikey says (are you able to wager?) nothing!

“Best, you could simply sit there sitting there with your sitting there at the same time as now not moving but just sitting there thing!”

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