LG is prepping a LG G6 mini with 18:9 display?

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If new reports are to be believed, LG is operating on a smaller version of its popular G6 released in February. The device, dubbed as LG G6 mini, is also predicted to game an 18: 9 show.

LG Display


The LG G6 mini isn’t always the reputable call, however just speculation primarily based on an internal LG file about the telephone that surfaced online. First pronounced via TechnoBuffalo, the device is rumored to include a five.4-inch display.

Besides the show, no different specifications are recognized. Until there is something reliable at the specifications, features, and release, it is good to take the document with a salt pinch.

These days, it is common to look at smaller editions of flagship devices, many packing identical features, besides a slightly reduced RAM and storage. Soon there will be more leaks and reviews on the purported device, giving us extra clarity on how the alleged G6 mini will form up.

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