One trader has a strategy to win big from the Fed’s rate ‘ping-pong match’

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The markets stay stressed after Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen’s Friday morning speech at Jackson Hole. However, one trader is betting in case a price hike becomes much more likely.

Todd Gordon of TradingAnalysis. Com sees a probable hobby price hike on the horizon and believes that certain sectors are set for a few huge moves.


“The sectors that are responding the most are the one’s interest rate touchy sectors,” Gordon said Friday on CNBC’s “Trading Country.” These encompass purchaser staples, which Gordon believes are at chance of moving to the disadvantage have to the Fed follow through on its guidelines to hike prices.

“Proper now, it looks like the markets are beginning to feel in a Fed charge hike,” he introduced. “If hobby prices pass up, meaning the hobby price-touchy sectors like XLP have to circulate to the disadvantage,” Gordon stated, relating to the change traded fund (ETF) that tracks client staples stocks.

Yellen stated that “the case for a growth within the federal budget rate has strengthened in recent months,” but pointedly refused to set a timetable for a probable increase of the federal price range fee goal Wide Info.

The XLP did see a drop following the Fed chair’s speech because the markets tried to decipher her words. Because it offers a dividend yield of nearly 3 percent compared to 2 percentage for the S&P 500, the ETF is extraordinarily touchy to bond yields. The ETF holds shares, which include Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, Philip Morris, and Atria.

Looking at a chart of the XLP, Gordon determines that the ETF is in its manner down. He looks at a preceding drop from fifty-six to fifty-four to decide that the recent highs of $55 ought to cross down by way of the identical $2 one of a kind to fifty-three.

As an end result, Gordon desires to shop for the October fifty five-strike places and sell the October 53-strike places for $0.81, or $81 in line with the options agreement. Gordon’s alternate has him risking $81 to make a total of two hundred—a whopping 147 percent go back.

“If XLP actions back above the $ fifty-five mark, I need to reduce the trade, guard any top-class it’s ultimate, and move directly to the following exchange,” said Gordon. “But in any other case, we ought to be able to pass all the way down to the $ fifty-three in the face of a probably growing hobby price as soon as this Fed ping-pong suit is over.”

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