S Health Gets Extra Competitive, Adds Leaderboards and Challenges

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For those making use of the S Fitness software program, prepare to have your health facts turned into a friendly sport among your friends. If you have some S Fitness users for your circle, you can now project and compete against them the use of Samsung’s fitness app.
For example, to see who will purchase the next round of coffee this week, project them to a step-off, seeing who can get thru the maximum steps in a piece week. As soon as a venture is submitted in your pal, S Health will preserve you updated to your pal’s step general, and in case you fall behind, the app will notify you with how many steps you will need to regain the lead My Update System.

Past creating Challenges, S Fitness users can now leaf through complete leaderboards, evaluating your steps to friends and others the usage of the app across the globe. This could provide you with a very good experience of just how little you are really taking walks, as compared to others. That’s constantly a terrific motivational boost.

Moreover, the S Fitness app will higher understand while exercises are taking location. If beginning an exercising to your cellphone is something you robotically forget to do, the app will robotically start for you and log your facts. As an instance, you may software the app to begin logging facts if it recognizes jogging, cycling, or trekking.

In case you want a better take a look at your average profile in S Health, don’t worry, Samsung is hooking you up with that, too. An updated My Web page maintains tracks of your weekly activities by way of showing a weekly summary, rewards gets, in addition to a bundle of private bests. Using these facts, S Health may even endorse goals and targets you may paintings toward.

This S Health replace is rolling out right now, so be on the lookout in Google Play.

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