SIM card deactivation over cellular

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After the looming risk that smartphone operators had been imparting their consistent messages to subscribers over linking Aadhaar to cellular numbers, SIM cards are now being deactivated.

An unnamed telephone operator in Bengaluru has been accused of deactivating a man’s SIM card underneath the guise of not linking it to his Aadhaar card.

Most importantly, the telecom insisted on taking the man’s biometric statistics all over again to restore mobile offerings, a record by using Bangalore Mirror on Thursday stated.

SIM card deactivation

The project director for Aadhaar (UID) in Karnataka, Prabhakar HL, informed the carrier issuer that he had related his Aadhaar thru OTP authentication and refused to present his fingerprints.

“On Monday morning, my smartphone stopped working, and I had no clue what should have long gone incorrect. I called up the purchaser care and stated it became a technical glitch to start with. After repeated calls, I changed into asked to go to a purchaser care outlet and provide my fingerprints for Aadhaar linking. I told them that my Aadhaar verification manner is achieved, and I realize the regulations,” Prabhakar said.

After a government mandate closing 12 months over an observation from the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), telecom operators started sending more than one message to subscribers, reminding them to re-verify cell numbers using Aadhaar playing cards.

When Zeebiz approached two of India’s telecom enterprise’s incumbent players, they confident that the operators had been no longer halting any services. Read the report right here.

Just remaining month news that Airtel subscribers who had re-tested cellular numbers using Aadhaar details alleged that the employer had opened financial institution accounts in Airtel Payments Bank.

After dealing with the backlash from UIDAI Airtel Payments Bank CEO Shashi Arora resigned from the employer.

In November 2017, operators modified their technique to deal with the Aadhaar-cell linking risk.


The operator deployed vans across Rajasthan’s kingdom that pressure into villages and, together with presenting 4G SIM upgrade, turned into presenting subscribers the chance to hyperlink Aadhaar numbers.

The vehicles protected 450 villages.


The idea all started ‘home shipping’ offerings to allow Aadhaar linking. The idea set up groups to go to houses of senior residents and physically disabled humans.

It also has installation canopies in rural regions for this purpose.



This operator has installation unique camps for its rural subscribers to avail linking method additionally.

Reliance Jio has continually been a propagator of e-KYC the usage of Aadhaar card details.

The deadline for hyperlink cell phones to Aadhaar has been extended from February 6 to March 31, 2018. The Supreme Court of India continues to be listening to instances towards Aadhaar linkage and the upcoming imposition of privacy.

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SIM card deactivation over cellular 1

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