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The Computer Ministry: Electronics Recycling Day

The Computer Ministry: Electronics Recycling Day

The Computer Ministry of Mechanicsburg, PA collects computer elements and gadget and then refurbishes them. The Computer Ministry will then donate the gadget to non-income ministries and groups that want computer systems.

They provide help and improve performance within church buildings and different businesses of want with the aid of imparting them technical answers such as, however no longer limited to, computer hardware and/or software program.

Have some unused electronics mendacity around? Stop into the Computer Ministries’ place at 5 Pleasant View Drive, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 to recycle and re-reason for the ones in need!

When Irwin Jacobs, chief government and founding father of Qualcomm Inc. Had his computer stolen from a journalism convention in September 2000, it shed light on a developing hassle.

Other latest occasions have centered national attention on the computer safety problem, consider the following:

o In July 2001 the Federal Bureau of Investigation pronounced that 184 laptops had been stolen or misplaced. At least one and probably as many as four contained classified information.

O In April 2001 the British Defense Ministry said 205 laptops lacking due to the fact that 1997, maximum of which contained classified materials.

O In February 2000 a laptop pc with “pretty classified” facts disappeared from the U.S. State Department. Then, in May 2000 two more laptops have been mentioned missing from the U.S. State Department.

While technology has made laptops smaller, less difficult to save and shipping, it has additionally made them less complicated to hide and steal. It’s the convenience that has made the computer pc so famous and the statistics car of choice for commercial enterprise humans at some point in the world.

.The computer itself is a precious asset and one that should be covered, but it may be replaced, however, the information saved on it in lots of cases isn’t always replaceable and of extra price, to competitors, if compromised. A thief can get some thousand bucks for a pinnacle of the line computer, but he can get a whole lot greater for an organization’s advertising plans.

High-Risk Locations

An excessive percent of laptops are stolen from the workplace. FBI officials estimate as a good deal as seventy-five percent of computer thefts are dedicated by way of insiders, folks who are expected to be on the premises. For example, personnel, delivery humans, and janitors all have got admission to to the grounds and homes and feature possibilities to steal unprotected laptops.

In one case, Canadian government apprehended a man believed to have stolen 20 to 30 laptops from a workplace building over a span of a few weeks. The suspect would input the building dressed as a protection worker, load computers onto a dolly and exit the constructing. He finished this recurring so often, that constructing personnel believed he become virtually a member of the renovation group of workers.

According to a USA Today article, heightened airport protection because of the 9/11 terrorist attack has induced a growth within the variety of lost laptops at airport checkpoints. The problems stem from new processes that require passengers to put off their laptops from their instances and placed them via x-ray machines. They both overlook to pick them up or take hold of a stranger’s pc through accident. It becomes extra complicated for tourists who are singled out for magnetic wand searches and can be separated from their valuables at the conveyor belt for extended durations of time.

Business travelers have to additionally pay close interest to their laptops while at the following places:


*Train Stations

*Bus terminals

*Car rental corporations

*Conference Centers




Always don’t forget, computer theft can happen anywhere, at any time.

Laptop Theft Prevention Tips


o Disguise your laptop. By sporting your laptop in a case designed for computer systems, you alert the thieves you have a laptop. Carry your pc in a regular piece of luggage, satchel or different inconspicuous bag.

O Record the laptop serial wide variety, make and model facts. Keep this records for your purse or pockets so in case your pc is stolen, the facts can be effectively available while you file a police file.

O Never depart your pc unattended in a public area.

O Use laptop-locking cables to relaxed the laptop to a table or table

o Never vicinity a computer in checked baggage.

O If a computer must be left within the car, keep it in the trunk of the vehicle prior to arriving at the very last destination.

O Identify your carrying case in some uncommon way to make it stand proud of all different bags. An uncommon coloration, colored tape or yarn or highly big or brightly colored tags connected to the bag will assist you straight away locate the bag and supply police probably purpose to stop and question the carrier.

O Also don’t forget taping colored paper or placing a massive tag at the front of your laptop to keep away from accidental mix-united states of America the x-ray machine.

O Regularly back up facts and store it separately in case your computer is stolen.


o All laptops should be completely marked or engraved with inventory or serial numbers as a way to aid in recuperation if discovered via the police. Check with the producer regarding suitable marking locations and warranty criteria previous to marking.

O Conduct scheduled inventories of laptops periodically.

O Proper documentation needs to be maintained for all laptops. Records could consist of the type of gadget identifiers including make, model and stock or serial numbers, a gadget challenge date, and the worker answerable for the laptop.

O Some agencies utilize digital asset tracking technology. Employers can tag laptops with a small electronic transponder. If an employee attempts to depart the constructing with the pc, the system statistics the time, date and exit used. Some structures can also supply protection the ID of the worker taking the system.

O Access to the area in which laptops are stored while now not assigned need to be restrained to a pick few individuals.

O The restricted access storage region need to be located far away from excessive visitors regions.

O Access needs to be controlled by areas consisting of offices in which personnel make use of laptops. This also can be completed thru the usage of ID card structures.

O Some organizations have hooked up regulations making personnel liable for the lack of a pc in the event that they do no longer follow enterprise policy for shielding it. Communicate the policy in writing and get a signed declaration of acknowledgment.

O Employers have additionally been regarded to require personnel to buy their laptops, reasoning that personnel will higher care for them.

O Provide personnel with loss prevention and safety recognition training. E-mails, brown bag luncheons, new lease orientations protection cognizance literature/posters and video shows are all splendid vehicles for buying the word out.

O Provide employees with ok at ease garage regions for their laptops such as locked security closets, cabinets and lockdown devices at desks and workstations.

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