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I first observed They are Billions a few months lower back, but even then, I became pleasantly surprised using a few matters: the polish level, specifically for a game still in development; the clean-to-recognize but complex-to-execute regulations that directed the construction of your colony; and the problem. There can be billions, but all it takes is one misplaced zombie to show the maximum of a colony right into a screaming horde of flesh-ingesting maniacs.

I was given hooked quick and misplaced limitless hours trying to give you the great method to defend my base. I misplaced many rangers, infantrymen, colonies, and a whole lot of sleep seeking to fend off the hordes of ravenous undead. It became a rollercoaster of feelings, from the excitement on the sight of the final wave of frustration when my three-hour-antique colony got crushed and triumph as I eventually beat the first map.

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It’s smooth to emerge as annoyed, and experience like They Are Billions’ survival mode is not possible to beat until you are a StarCraft veteran or some insane mutant keyboard ninja; however, I’m right here to provide you some hints and points on how yours actually managed to defeat it.

Use the pause button to think.

Don’t fear approximately destroying your spacebar as you frantically pause and plan your next move. Use this time to check the calendar to realize how tons of time you’ve got left before the next wave. Never go away a part of your base unattended, use the patrol pass (the shortcut is P) for your devices so they cowl the maximum vicinity, and to make certain no zombie can pass through your defenses.

Slower zombies roam the interior of the map, so they may be easier to catch with your speedy Rangers. But don’t overlook that special infected roam the northern and southern facet of the map. If viable, enlarge to the east or west first to avoid activating them too early.

Expand to cognizance on generating gold

You’re going to need billions to defeat Billions. Gold is used for the entirety: units, research, buildings, defenses. You’ll want not only a massive financial institution (via Warehouses, which save gold and assets) but sturdy earnings charge to permit you to get better fast.

Treat land as gold. With extra land, you will have extra food and therefore be able to build extra houses. You need to amplify early. If your Rangers spot a few loose stones on the map, store it for a Soldier Center—more units means more area you could own and defend. As far as studies go, if you don’t have proper food sales, you need to purpose for Farms first (in case your first mayor offers you Farm tech, decide on them straight away); in any other case, aim for Cottages first.

Urban making plans

TipsThe very first element you want to construct is either a Fisherman’s Cottage or a Hunter’s Lodge, relying on your starting position. You’ll want the food. Follow that by dropping seven Tents to get your worker numbers up, and additionally, so you hit the primary mayoral election as soon as possible. Make certain to leave the room at the green grass for Farms.

The Market and Bank buildings should actually be in the center of your housing, so plan for that from the beginning. The Bank will increase the gold output of surrounding homes simultaneously as the Market reduces the food price of anything in its radius, and you have to build a large, dense housing district around them. You can only have 3 such districts, so plan carefully to position them for max performance. Markets additionally permit you to sell excess assets, and even though they will do so mechanically, it is more efficient to achieve this yourself.

Don’t build advanced homes if you could extend and discover assets in some other place. Most of the time, their steep renovation cost will simplest hurt your economic system.

Rangers early, Thanatos overdue

Tiptoe within the early recreation; however, be prepared to rumble inside the past due recreation. Zombies appearance so inoffensive with their low pool of HP and sluggish shuffling, right? Wrong! They are the deadly loss of life machines a good way to swarm you. Some of them can run, some of them can hop over walls, a few even spit splash-detrimental acid. In the early sport, you don’t want them banging on your door, so you want to make as little noise as feasible. Thankfully, humanity has given you the precise tool for this task: the Ranger. Armed with a bow and arrow, they address the inflamed risk as silently as possible. The Sniper is likewise a viable alternative. However, they generate a great deal of extra noise and will, in the end, entice masses of undead if they are regularly firing. Be especially careful around a Village of Doom—the ghastly haunted homes that include a massive however finite amount of undead—as an early army will now not be successful.


Once you have constructed up reliable protection, put together a cellular combating force for clearing the map. I like an aggregate of Rangers, Snipers, and Thanatos, and a Titan or two if you’re economically booming. You can hit the C key to command these gadgets to ‘chase,’ or are seeking for and damage any and all zombies at the map, even though you’ll nevertheless need to micromanage your forces, as they won’t do a whole lot to arrange themselves intelligently. It’s crucial to clear as plenty of the map as you correctly can before the final wave, wherein any spare undead will be part of the finale. Map hygiene might make all of the distinction.

Never overlook your defenses. You assume that this huge wall included using a plethora of Executors and Ballistas could be enough? Think once more. Assume the worst, and focus on reinforcing your weakest factors first. Always layer your base and use chokepoints to organize those layers. By the very last wave, zombies coming from any route need to stumble upon a minimum of three layers of stone partitions blanketed through Executors.

Executors are your nice friends. Build them anywhere. Don’t get tempted by the Shocking Tower, which charges lots of energy and won’t come up with the DPS you need inside the endgame. Consider spike traps as luxurious, too: they may be aid-extensive and no longer durable sufficient to be of lots use. Ballistas are all appropriate in the early sport and have the benefit of being upgradable to Executors. But in the end, Executors are your BFFs, paired with layers of the stone wall. Build them everywhere, pause the sport when there’s a breach, and put off the horde with layers after layers of walls. Only then will you prevail.

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