Tips to Choose Best Water Fountain for Your Home

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Water fountains are a popular trend nowadays and come in various shapes, sizes, and styles. Ranging from a tabletop, free-standing, or wall-mounted, they can be placed both inside and outside your home and office.

Adding this unique water feature in your space is not solely for beauty purposes but for introducing the powerful energy in your surroundings. In fact, a water fountain is a feng shui symbol of wealth and prosperity.

 Water Fountain

There are scientifically proven benefits of indoor water fountains as well. They are known for reducing stress, bringing relaxation to your environment, and acting as a natural sleeping aid. Moreover, they act as humidifiers for rooms by removing excess dryness around and improving air quality.

Now that you understand how amazing these fountains provide a soothing sense of serenity, you may be interested in installing it in your residential or commercial premises. But as a first-timer, you may not be able to figure out what will work best for your space.

So, here is a short buying guide for you to help you in choosing the right kind of fountain for yourself–

An appropriate design

This is the first and foremost thing to do – considering what kind of fountain design would be complementing your overall décor.

To do this, you have to plan where exactly you wish to place your fountain. If it is used as a centerpiece, then a 360-degree design will add extraordinary appeal, whereas if you plan to fit it in a corner or against a wall, then an accent water fountain will be a wonderful option.

Every design produces a different sound, so you have to plan its installation wisely as per the location. You have to opt for quieter units for indoors and leave other noisy ones for your garden.

The right weight

Weight is a crucial factor in choosing the perfect water fountain, especially when you are planning to install it on sensitive foundations like wooden patios, delicate floor tiles, etc.

Installing heavyweight fountains made of iron caste or stones are not recommended in such areas. Rather pick the options that are lighter and can be moved anywhere easily around the premises.

The perfect shape and size

When you are done evaluating the design and weight, you should consider the fountain’s overall shape and size that would complement the aesthetics around and doesn’t look out of place.

To get the most out of making this investment, you have to assess the purpose of buying the fountain first. For outside, large water features can be used, and for indoor purposes, small to medium fountains can be perfect.

Lastly, pay attention to the splash radius of your chosen fountain. There are unavoidable splashes with the flowing water that can create slipping hazards, especially on tiles or flat surfaces. So, make sure you lookout for the flow of water and whether or not it can be regulated before making your final call.

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