What IPO software can traders use in Hong Kong?

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IPO markets are exciting, but only for those who understand how to trade them. If you’re thinking of using IPO software in Hong Kong, it pays to know what’s out there and what suits your trading style best.


What is IPO software?

IPO software is a technical analysis tool designed specifically for pre-initial public offering (IPO) stocks. These companies are primarily new listings on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSE), offering short-term volatility and high risk.

As the market for Initial Public Offerings in Hong Kong heats up, more traders are looking for software that can help them trade these types of securities. This article will summarize some of the most popular IPO trading platforms and briefly overview their features.

SuperSonic Trader

A popular platform used by IPO traders is called SuperSonic Trader. It is available through Capital Market Services Ltd, an NFTS Company (a fin-tech company backed by The London Stock Exchange) headquartered in London. Some of its features include;


Another popular trading platform is designed for TradElect. It offers the following features:

  • The ability to monitor several different markets and exchanges, including Hong Kong, New York, London, and Tokyo.
  • In-depth analysis of historical IPO performance as well as future trends.
  • Real-time news feed from major financial outlets such as Bloomberg and Reuters Trading alerts targeted specific users based on their needs.
  • Unlimited access to Nasdaq Level II quotes at no additional cost.
  • Access to tools that help with trade execution
  • Customizable views
  • Recognizing the growing popularity of these products among traders/investors, various other companies have either released IPO software or announced plans for release. This include

MarketScope Advisor

  • This product provides live streaming of the Hong Kong exchange.
  • Real-time charts on new issues and ongoing IPOs.
  • Real-time market news updates throughout the day.
  • Customized alerts on priced deals.
  • Information on historical performance for past IPOs.
  • Although it is not currently available in Hong Kong, its features are accessible to users through Capital Market Services Ltd.


  • This platform provides a customizable IPO screener.
  • Instant notifications when IPOs you’re interested in price (including custom pricing alerts).
  • Unlimited access to all IPOs (thereby eliminating any need to register with each company conducting an offering).
  • RICs that enable real-time search capabilities for ongoing or upcoming transactions.
  • This product is free with Sogo accounts.

Why use IPO Software instead of Stock Exchanges?

There are several reasons why an entrepreneur might choose to list with IPO software instead of a stock exchange like NASDAQ. The most obvious reason is that this gives the company more control over the process. The CEO and other major shareholders don’t have to give up voting power and retain a larger ownership share. It also eliminates the need for advisors and

underwriters who charge high fees that cut into potential profits.

Here are some things to consider when choosing the best IPO software:

Regional availability

Does this IPO software only work in your country/region? What about investors from other countries?

Customer service

How well-staffed is their customer service team, and how responsive have past customers been? This is important in case you need assistance or have questions.

Program management

What is the cost of the IPO software, and what does it include (if anything)? Research other offerings in your country/region to ensure you get a fair price for services.

Current availability

Is IPO software available in your region yet? It might not always be wise to wait for them to expand into new markets before considering them.


Beginner traders and new investors who want an IPO subscription should contact an experienced and reputable online broker from Saxo Bank before starting their investment journey.

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