Why we need to guard Saudi blogger Raif Badawi

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It was the 5th anniversary of the day part of the arrest of the Saudi blogger Raif Badawi, whose supposed crime was to argue for secularism, democracy, and human rights. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes – a punishment that quantities to death by using torture – even though the best 50 lashes had been inflicted on him inside the one consultation. Medical opinion changed into that he could not continue to exist the remainder of that a part of his sentence.


His motive has been taken up with the aid of humanist establishments and Amnesty International. He has been honored with the EU’s Sakharov prize. Even Prince Charles raised his case on the go to Saudi Arabia. We can be certain that neither Theresa May nor Donald Trump could accomplish that. It is one element to coat large fingers offers within the rhetoric of protecting western freedoms. Still, quite every other to risk any of the income for the sake of a Saudi guy who wished to revel in the one’s identical freedoms.

The Badawi case illuminates the character of the Saudi regime and the idea that it is aware of an existential hazard. These consist of Badawi’s brisk dismissal of the role of Islam in public existence: “No faith in any respect has any connection to mankind’s civic progress … the codes governing the management of the state can hardly ever be derived from religion.” Such thoughts are obviously incompatible with the practice of theocracy. And possibly they’re so bizarre to the Saudi authorities that they can be taken significantly – despite everything, those convicted of “sorcery” inside the kingdom are beheaded. In contrast, Badawi can also survive his sentence, given sufficient interest and guide from the out of doors international.

It is, of direction, the Saudi regime; this is mainly accountable for his suffering. That has the power to release him; however, the case also shows how the hole is western commitments to so-called western values. Badawi believes in democracy, rationalism, and freedom of speech. These are all ideas we are presupposed to sell and applaud, but in places where their exercise is luxurious, we are primarily silent.

I suppose the Saudis might guard their repressive state by pointing to the horrors that have engulfed Iraq and Syria to their north and even Yemen to their south. But in all those instances, and especially in Yemen, the repressive Saudi nation has itself been a destabilizing component for its neighbors.

There isn’t a smooth or simple answer to the appalling horrors of the Middle East. If the Saudi theocracy falls because it finally has to, what comes after ain’t be a tranquil, secular democracy. Nonetheless, we owe it to Badawi to aid and honor his bravery with as little self-righteousness as we can likely manage. At its root, the concept of human rights means that there are a few matters that it is wrong to do to any man or woman, and the punishment to which he became unjustly sentenced is considered one of them.


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