12 Powerful Habits I Have Stolen From Ultra-Successful People

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As you may already know I am very curious about habits, behavior psychology and how it all affects success. For over two years I have been experimenting with my routines, work and lifestyle to find that perfect fit for happy and productive, purpose and passion driven routine.

In this article, I’d like to share some of my recent powerful habits I’ve been developing and experimenting with that I have stolen from ultra successful people.

Hopefully, it will be useful and inspiring for you to start engineering your perfect day, that will turn into a perfect life.

Waking up early

Waking up early has been giving me the most significant results since I decided to make a shift from a night owl into an early bird. I used to have my peak hours from 1 am to 4 am and would get amazing work done with sharp focus. Years passed by and I realized that getting enough sleep on a regular basis is a key to ultimate performance and productivity, not to mention the increased quality of life.

For the last two years, I’ve been experimenting with my morning routine which starts by waking up early. I’ve started at 7 am and managed to stretch it to 5 am. My ultimate goal is to go to 4.30 am as I really enjoy working on my morning rituals and getting lots of work done that push me toward my goals. I won’t lie, at the beginning it was a nightmare to wake up early, it’s dark, it’s cold, my eyes can’t open and all I wanted to do was to go back to sleep. Sometimes it would happen, I’d be like, “I’ll just close my eyes for one more minute”.

The more and more I was concerned about my health and lifestyle the more I saw the benefits of getting up early. I’ve seen numerous articles, infographics and interviews with the most successful people on the planet and majority of them were emphasizing the importance of getting up early for their success and life balance. I’ve been greatly inspired by this article: 12 Lessons of Waking Up at 4:30 a.m. for 21 Days by Filipe Castro Matos.

If you have a vision and don’t have the time to achieve it due to family, full-time job or other commitments, wake up 1 hour earlier and work on it every day, until you make it come true. It’s that easy, you don’t find time, you make it. Instead of watching another TV series, go to bed 1 hour earlier and wake up 1 hour earlier.

“It’s that easy, you don’t find time, you make it.”

An important factor of waking up early is to have the “me” time. How many times did you want to read, write, reflect on your life, meditate, stretch, visualize, create, take care of yourself but hadn’t had the time? For me it was always a secondary goal, I’d say, it’s ok, I can do it sometime later when I have time. The thing is if you don’t make yourself a priority, you will never have time to really improve yourself, take care of yourself and grow to become the greatest version of you. In the morning, you have the most precious focus, creative energy and capacity to learn, think and create. You choose to use it on yourself and your work you love or spend it on a daily mindless routine like commuting, consuming news and dealing with daily errands and work that you hate.

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