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Actor-politician Ramya says sedition charge for Pakistan remark reeks of intolerance

Actor-politician Ramya says sedition charge for Pakistan remark reeks of intolerance


Actor-politician Ramya (Divya Spandana), who became lately in Islamabad to attend a Saarc Younger Parliamentarians Convention, has raked up an issue for her remarks on Pakistan. She mentioned Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar‘s assertion, going to Pakistan is like going to hell, by means of responding with Pakistan is not hell. Humans there are similar to us. They treated us very well.
Soon after a Karnataka-primarily based endorse, Okay Vittal Gowda, lodged a complaint of sedition against Ramya for her statement, accusing her of insulting India and frightening Indians through appreciating Pakistan.
Ramya‘s statement has additionally sparked protests throughout the state with the aid of nearby ABVP and BJP cadres, who are stressful an apology from her, failing which, they want her to move to Pakistan.
Ramya spoke to Firstpost approximately her remarks and the debate. Excerpts from the interview beneath:
Are you able to intricate on what exactly came about main to the sedition criticism filed against you?
Actor-baby-kisser Ramya. Record image. PTIActor-baby-kisser Ramya. File image. PTI
I used to be speaking about my revel in at the Saarc Conference that I lately attended in Pakistan. I said that I was pleasantly surprised after I went to Pakistan. I had heard such terrible matters, however once I went there, I realised the Human beings there are similar to us. Pakistan is honestly now not hell. I haven’t been to hell, possibly Manohar Parrikar has, however Pakistan is simply nothing like hell.
Do you suspect there’s a growing intolerance to contrarian opinion and perspectives in our usa?
Yes, very a good deal. This wasn’t there more than one years in the past. Ours is a democracy. Humans are free to specific themselves, within certain said limits of direction, as long as you don’t pass harming every other person. We have to comprehend that when we talk of inclusiveness and its complexities, it’s far very essential that each voice is heard. We’re entitled to have an opinion. however some Human beings are trying to diminish freedom of speech and put in force their opinion on others. They’re looking to curb Human beings’s right to express themselves. They suppose People who have an opinion are anti-country wide. however they do what they need.
You hold relating to ‘they’? What do you mean by ‘they’? Who’re ‘they’?
sure companies and factors. In my case they would be the ABVP and BJP. They’re unfastened to protest towards what I said. They may be loose to specific their opinion, but to slap a sedition case is a bit a whole lot. In truth, I was surprised whilst a journalist asked me, ‘while you speak in opposition to what Parrikar has said, aren’t you speakme towards India?’ How is that so? I’m talking approximately an person.
This is not the primary time we’ve visible the sort of controversy. We saw a sedition case only a week ago. possibly we need to cast off the sedition regulation. If what I stated is sedition, then every remark made by means of all people can be visible as sedition.
It’s an exciting point you communicate about. The talk has been on whether it’s time to amend the sedition law
Absolutely. There may be a want to redefine the law and clarify it in these days’s context, if now not cast off it altogether. It doesn’t fit a democracy like ours, because it is too preferred.
So what subsequent inside the sedition complaint filed in opposition to you?
I haven’t yet received a replica. The media have been given it before I have. Pakistan isn’t described as an enemy kingdom in our law. What I’ve stated is not seditious and I experience the grievance could be quashed.

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