Asymmetrical Pixie Cuts Ideas for All Women

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Asymmetrical pixie cuts vary significantly. However, the most common option is the extended bangs swept to either side, and a clear temp undercut on the side. You can go for varying lengths of the pixie and experiment with different textures such as choppy/straight or choppy/wavy. These combinations will offer different vibes.

Use shade-whether it is a vibrant pastel shade or duo-toned hair hue solution with natural-looking colors incorporated. This will give your style interest points. This link will provide you with useful information on asymmetrical pixie cuts.


1.Asymmetrical Pixie with Accents

Asymmetrical pixies are naturally beautiful and classy. However, you make them appear more glam and chic by incorporating creative shades. Include some highlights into your layered pixie to brighten your face and give it superb framing. You can also incorporate some blonde color for a brighter look.

2.Extended Pixie Cuts

It doesn’t matter whether you have elongated or curly hair; you can rock a pixie cut. It also doesn’t have to be super short. Go for an elongated section either at the back or one side. This edgy yet classy style is ideal for women who need short tresses but are not prepared to commit to hairstyling.

3.Short Style with Extended Bangs

Glam and sweet, extended bangs can give a unique look to any hairstyle. This hairstyle is ideal for women with thick hair since it allows them to get volume at the back with the long bangs cascading to the side of their face. Ideal for summer or whenever you want to experiment with something new-it is suitable for women who are tired of the high demands of long hair.

4.Messy Layered Cut

Messy haircuts can show off the beauty of your eyes, reduce your forehead, and appears to modify your entire face shape. So if you are looking for an asymmetrical pixie cut but don’t want to look too strict, this messy version could be your best choice. The preferred thing about it? If you are uncomfortable with the look, you can choose to change it into a traditional asymmetrical cut-rather than getting rid of it since it is gone forever when it is interfered with.

5.Curly Asymmetrical Pixie

Whether tousled or naturally wavy with a heat wand, short lengths appear adorable with curls. Well, how do you style it? After you are through with the whole process of washing and the hair is completely dried, wand the hair and start wrapping tresses around the round barrel.

Hold it up for some minutes and release the strands to show off the bouncy curls. After you have curled all the sections, comb through to loosen up the waves and come up with a more natural, curly finish. Hold the style with hairspray to make sure the coils stay put throughout.

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