China arrests blogger for Twitter comic story

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Internet petition for China blogger arrested after posting a Twitter joke about Communist leadership congress.


China has arrested a Beijing blogger for joking on Twitter about the 18th Communist party congress, suggesting a horror film state of affairs related to the Great
Chinese net users are rallying around a Beijing blogger detained via police after posting a funny story on Twitter approximately the pivotal Communist Party congress.

Chinese authorities had been especially sensitive to dissent about the birthday celebration meeting, which the remaining week ushered in a new technology of leaders. Activists had been sent out of Beijing in advance. Police rounded up loads of people who attempted to draw the relevant authorities’ attention to grievances in opposition to nearby governments.

Zhai Xiaobing’s tweet on 5 November suggested that the next “movie” inside the “Final Destination” horror franchise might be approximately the Great Hall of the People collapsing on celebration delegates.

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He tweeted: “An earthshaking debut will be visible at the global premiere on Nov 8!” The Congress commenced on eight November.

After Zhai’s Twitter account fell silent for some days, a pal of his, Liu Yanping, grew worried and visited his home in Miyun county in Beijing’s north-eastern suburbs. There, family participants instructed her that Miyun county police had taken Zhai away on 7 November and seized his laptop, Liu stated.

A Miyun county police officer who might only deliver his surname, Sun, instructed the Associated Press on Wednesday that Zhai became being investigated for “spreading terrorist records.” The charge incorporates the most penalty of 5 years’ imprisonment.

Zhai’s supporters say the allegation is absurd. More than 400 human beings have signed a web petition calling on police to release him – and to have a more awesome experience of humor.

“I became very bowled over after I realized what happened to him. I’ve consulted some legal professionals, and I feel that it is evident his Twitter funny story does not quantity to spreading terrorist records,” Liu said. “It’s just preposterous.”

Liu stated she and a few different activists had been in contact with Zhai’s circle of relatives and would help lease a lawyer. She said nation safety officials had visited Zhai’s wife to warn her to preserve a low profile.

When reached with the aid of a smartphone, Zhai’s spouse declined to comment on her husband’s state of affairs.

The online petition, written by using the outspoken blogger and loose-speech suggest Wen Yunchao, urges the government to loosen up.

“We solemnly request that Beijing police find a little sense of humor and not make a massive deal out of nothing,” it said. “In precise, do not break the goodwill and anticipation the public has for the brand new officeholders after the 18th celebration Congress via prescribing and persecuting an everyday citizen’s rational freedom of speech in any such groundless fashion.”

Further inquiries have been directed to the Beijing Public Security Bureau, which did not respond right away to a faxed list of questions.

A rights group stated Zhai’s case would be seen as a look at whether China’s incoming leaders will retain the new regular crackdown government imposed on u. S. A .’s small network of activists, dissidents, and legal professionals.

“The new leadership has two picks: maintain the direction of the crook prosecution to signal that they’re unwilling to alternate, or release Zhai to show goodwill that it’s miles responding to famous demands for extra freedom,” said Maya Wang, a researcher for Human Rights Watch, primarily based in Hong Kong.

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Learn From Your Mistakes

 china blogger

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