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On a Saturday afternoon, 40 ladies take a seat enthusiastically under a tree they have named ‘Vaanam’. They almost lost Vaanam currently. However after their check informed them how Vaanam wished water and masses of affection in order to live in the warmth, this is exactly what the little individuals of Mahila Mandir had been doing. Every weekend, for kind of hours, the women are allowed to forget the drudgery in their lives, for there may be so much else to be performed, way to the volunteers from Vidyamritam.

Game of Life


A basis specializing in life-abilities training for children from tough backgrounds, Vidyamritam, until recently, changed into an informal collecting of Samaritans who desired to do more with their time. For founder Sreelakshmi Nair, a teacher with a global college inside the metropolis, it’s far merely an extension of what she knows and likes to do nicely. The girls of Mahila Mandir are having a summer season camp for the first time.

However, it isn’t about getting beforehand of the competition in a class that this camp teaches. “This is coaching for life. I name it twenty-first-century capabilities. They learn how to cope with many stuff via conditions and function play,” Sreelakshmi says. summer camp would imply more time doing what they otherwise do only the weekends. So there are story-telling classes, dramatics, craft, dance, and extra.

After volunteering with various NGOs and returned from college abroad, Sreelakshmi felt ready to get energetic once more. “Here turned into a place full of keen little girls who loved to analyze,” she says of Mahila Mandir. the primary few sessions were held by way of her. Soon she found others like herself, willing to pitch in with their time and sources.

“I’ve always believed in the skill-based totally gaining knowledge of. My idea becomes initially life-abilities at a time when I did no longer even know what it supposed. First of all, we had English as a tool for communication. That was it. Then I met Sudha Vasanth, a senior instructor with whom I had a good deal to learn.” She credits her first workplace, a global college, with supplying the right education floor. “The opportunities regarded infinite. Critical wondering, perseverance and team play are simply some of the many wins Right here, making contributors geared up for the sector.”

“My crew is like family. We’re all facilitators. It isn’t a pupil-teacher dating. simply two human beings sharing expertise. The kids educate us too. We learned many folks songs and games from them. They come and placed their hands around our shoulders in place of searching up at us with apprehension. Considering their backgrounds, it is straightforward to position out the spark. However, it’s miles approximately giving them as many opportunities as possible to discover, to ask questions. Did you understand that till approximately the age of 8 or 9, they examine from curiosity?” she asks.

Volunteers are given loose reign. People who need to can attend an education session with Vidyamritam. The lesson plan, play plan instead, is divided among 15 and 20 teachers. Bhagya Surendran and Ashwini Premnath are such volunteers who educate origami and phonetics once a month. “Each teacher is allocated one session a month so that no one feels compelled to come back Each weekend. This way, the Each volunteer could make time to return.”

Vidyamritam is the method of being registered as an NGO and launching a challenge called Book Friend to inspire studying and verbal exchange talents. Drop-off factors, consisting of The reading Room in Kowdiar and Phykon Solutions at Technopark, were showed to this point where human beings can donate kids’ books. “The books can be dropped into boxes we call Magic Box. The books will be dispensed to the kids at Mahila Mandir and we will have analyzing-based totally activities,” Sreelakshmi explains. “We will help Those who want to set up a library in orphanages or old age homes too.”

We are all gamers in the game, and Every of us has the proper to pick out which side we need to be on. Anytime at some stage in our lifetime, We are able to choose to be in either group.

To be on God’s face, we have to be obedient to the regulations or the commandments of the sport.
To be on Devil’s side we just need to be disobedient to the policies or commandments of the sport.

Even as We’re gambling the game, our captains, God or Devil, (right or evil) is trying to steer us, thru our mind, idea, and our reports and through other human beings. Every captain is trying to get us on their side. We Every have our unfastened organization to choose which aspect we need to be on, We’re never forced on both side.


There is a reason to the sport; to check us to see which captain we will comply with. We’re given loose employer so We can pick which side we want to be on and who will win the sport, God or Devil, (exact or evil). The selection is up to us. we can both grow to be winners or losers depending on how we play the sport, how we comply with the rules and whom we observe, relying on the fact we choose.

The problem with the game is that whether or not you understand the regulations to the sport, or not, the outcome is the equal. In case you observe God’s regulations (commandments) you are a winner If you select not to observe the guidelines you are a loser. with the intention to win the sport you must recognize the policies and obey them.

Where do you locate the guidelines? In God’s scriptures. You have to examine them and know them and then follow them to recognize how to play the sport, In case you want to be a winner. a number of the other games on God’s aspect also can help you know the guidelines.

God’s desires you to win so that you may be happy, so he not only gives you the guidelines (his scriptures) he additionally offers other gamers who understand the rules who assist you to examine them. (Prophets, correct households and righteous individuals who are approximately you and any others who want you to win.)

Satan wishes you to lose the sport so he will blend up the guidelines so you do not recognize them and he has games too, on his team, who will blind you with lies and have an impact on you in horrific ways, so you may not comply with the commandments or trust them.

the sport has resulted. the first is whether you’ll enjoy the game At the same time as you’re gambling it or whether or not you will be miserable At the same time as you are playing this game of existence. The handiest way to be glad gambling the game is to obey the regulations by means of being at the proper side, God’s aspect. The manner to be miserable, At the same time as you play the sport is to disobey the rules. Despite the fact that being on Devil’s fact may convey brief delight, it is not lasting. simplest God’s happiness and joy are lasting. It’s that simple.

If you have been obedient and on God’s team, whilst you died, you’ll be a winner and your prize may be everlasting lifestyles, you’ll stay with God, your Heavenly Father and his Son, your Savior Jesus Christ (who atoned for the mistakes you made, While you had been playing the game, on the wrong side, But eventually chose the right facet). you may live forever in a kingdom of happiness after you die.

If you were disobedient to the rules of the sport and died Even as nevertheless on Devil’s fact you may lose the game. Your result could be that you may not be capable of life along with your Father in Heaven or His son Jesus Christ and your lifestyles might be all the time in a kingdom of misery with Satan. you will know you made the incorrect preference and choose the incorrect captain and the game have ended and also you cannot cross back and change it.

The good element about the sport of lifestyles is that at any time, up till loss of life, you could choose to be on the winning team and comply with God. The way to do This is to repent of the evil matters you did Even as you have been on the incorrect group and begin obeying the rules, the commandments. God will robotically be given you on his winning group. all the errors, that you made At the same time as gambling on the losing aspect, might be forgotten and forgiven, If you repent.


The problem is that you never know when your sport of lifestyles will stop. You never recognize whilst you’ll die, so always pick out to be on The best side, God’s face and be a winner to your recreation of existence.

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