Eight Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Soccer

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Depending on what you call it, soccer or football is surrounded by many intriguing facts and details. All these factors will affect the Premier League predictions. Perhaps that’s why it’s arguably the best sport in the world. With major leagues across different continents, fans have numerous channels of pastime entertainment all year long.

For big tournaments like the World Cup, Champions League, Euros, Copa America, and AFCON, it’s always a dream to watch one’s team take home the silverware.  In addition to that, the betting option, like the Premier League picks, makes it easier to earn while having fun.

‘Do you have some questions that interest you about the game? Or are you simply a passive fan but would love to do better? You’ll likely have the answers you seek and love the sport more shortly. While that’s the case, only a tiny fraction has in-depth knowledge of the competition, players, and clubs.


So, read on as we reveal the unthinkable and stunning soccer facts.


Without any more back and forth, let’s dive in.

  • Where was soccer invented?

Football’s origin dates back to China between 206 B.C. and 220 A.D. Historians believe it stems from the Han Dynasty in the second and third centuries. It was thought to have been from a military manual called Tsu-Chu, which translates to “kicking the ball.”

  • What is the origin of the “soccer” nomenclature?

Interestingly, the name “soccer” is of England roots. But over time, it has been a closer link with the American football culture. It was a way of distinguishing hand-played rugby from the actual kicking of a ball.

When both games and dictates were adopted in the US, they were instead uniquely called “American Football” and “Soccer.” Therefore, making the English Football Association set rules that tell the two sports apart. And Ruby got a separate organization afterward.

  • Which club has the most fans?

With 111.5 million followers on Facebook, 100 million on Instagram, and 37.8 million on Twitter and counting, Real Madrid presently has the most followership. While it’s impossible to give an actual estimate of fans, some theories have been flying around.

Perhaps the most credible would be from Real Madrid’s director of institutional relations, Emilio Butragueno. He says the club has roughly 450 million fans spread across the globe. That is why Premier League predictions today are also very famous and strong. 

In a report by Global Football Monitor, that figure is up to around 490 million.

  • Which football manager has the most trophies?

Sir Alex Ferguson ranks first in this category with 48 trophies. Thirty-eight of which he won as a manager of Manchester United. During his active years, he dominated the English Premier League for over two decades.

Since then, there hasn’t been a close-in-line manager. Mircea Lucescu, who’s next, has 12 trophies less.

  • Who is the most decorated player?

Dani Alves holds the record for the most decorated player in football history. In his career, the right-back maestro won 44 titles with Barcelona, Juventus, Sao Paulo, and PSG.

Although the FIFA World Cup isn’t a trophy he has to his name, the Brazilian is a two-time Copa America champion.

  • Which football club is the oldest in the world?

Sheffield Football Club, created in 1857, remains the first established football club worldwide. This is via the recognition of the Football Association of England.

Sheffield joined the FA in 1863 but started adopting the association’s rule in 1878 after sticking to it for a couple of years.

  • When was the first soccer league created?

The pioneer, English Football League, was founded on 17 April 1888. Initially, the name of the league was Manchester on creation. And it’s the oldest of such competitions in the world.

  • When was the first ever game played?

The first-ever soccer contest was played on 19 December 1863. It was a matchup between Barnes Football Club and Richmond Football Club. And the venue was Barnes common at Mortlake, London.

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