How To Control a Queen Size Electric Blanket

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When winter is on the way, it’s only natural to stock up on supplies and prepare ahead of time. If you can’t bear being cold when lying in bed or sitting on the couch, an electric blanket for your queen size bed is essential in your house. These soft blankets may be used anywhere- on the sofa, in the bed, or everywhere to keep you cuddly and warm even on freezing winter days. Furthermore, the greatest heated blankets may function as beautiful additions to boost your home décor win-win situation.

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What Is an Electric Blanket?

An electric blanket is a bed cover blanket with an integrated heating element that allows a sleeper to maintain a warm temperature in a cold environment. Electric heated blankets are popular among customers since they help minimize home heating expenditures. The most modern kind of blankets is controllable, which means they can pre-warm the bed at a specific time and turn it off at a particular hour. They can also alter the temperature to meet the demands of two persons sharing a bed. Some queen-size electric blanket dual control even accounts for various body parts’ heat requirements, such as transmitting more warmth to the sleeper’s feet while keeping the head colder.

How to Use a Queen Size Electric Blanket?

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  • Read Safety Precautions

After buying your queen-size electric blanket, read all the safety instructions in the packaging to ensure your product is used safely. It is the most critical information you can check to ensure that you’re using your blanket appropriately and avoiding any injury or mishaps.

  • Incorporate Layering

Layering is one of the greatest methods to handle an electric blanket for a queen size bed. You may place the blanket on top of your current mattress or put it between the sheets and covers. Some people may find the electric heated blanket overly hot; however, this may be regulated through temperature monitoring options or this layering strategy.

If you choose to use the electric blanket on its own, simply modify the settings to avoid becoming restless throughout the night. If you wake up because the temperature is too high, change the temperature with the knob affixed to the blanket and go back to sleep.

  • Adjust Control Settings

Advanced sunbeam queen-size electric blanket includes scheduled heating, which means the blanket will turn off after a certain time. Some blankets have this safety function to deter individuals from keeping the blanket on for too long or failing to switch it off.

The blankets will keep you nice and warm all through the night. Nonetheless, it would be best to read up on your specific blanket’s safety systems to check whether it has an auto shut-off option.

This does not imply that you can always leave your blanket on purpose; rather, if you forget you have your veil, it should turn off on its own. 

  • Find the Suitable Temperature

The heating temperatures on your electric blanket will be simply adjusted. Temperatures are often regulated to low, medium, and high levels.

Start with the lowest setting to avoid overheating at midnight if you’re layering. It’s better to start too cold than too hot!

Once you’ve had a chance to experiment with the settings, you’ll better understand which option will keep you up all night. If you sleep with a partner, you may get your electric blanket because not all sleepers have the same temperature preferences, or you may use a sunbeam queen electric blanket dual control.

Safety Tips

There are always suggestions to follow when using any equipment.

  • Consider pre-heating the queen-size electric blanket. After being plugged in and switched on, any blanket takes a few minutes to heat up. So, if you’re going to cuddle up in front of the TV or read a book on the couch, it is a good idea to set things up ahead of time so the blanket is warm when you slip into it.
  • You must also carefully store your electric blanket for a queen-sized bed once you have used or cleaned it. This entails removing the plugs, allowing everything to cool completely, then folding the blanket gently.
  • Please make sure the wires are not twisted when storing them. As you can’t see whether the wiring within the cloth is damaged, this might become a fire threat in the future.

How to Clean an Electric Blanket?

How to Wash an Electric Blanket

Most electric blankets are machine washable and may even be dried. The plug portion of the veil should include a detachable extension cord. Be careful to familiarize yourself with the long-term maintenance of your duvet so that you get the most out of your investment. Here are some cleaning suggestions for your queen-size electric blanket-

While machine washing

  • First, soak the blanket in cold water with mild soap for 15 minutes.
  • Then wash in cold water with light soap for two minutes on the “delicate” or “gentle” cycle of the machine.
  • Remember to avoid using bleach.
  • Rinse with cold water.
  • In the washing machine, spin dry. Then slowly stretch it back to its original size.
  • Do not use commercial dryers or your local dryers. They become too hot and would harm the heated blanket’s circuitry.

While handwashing

  • Stretch the blanket gently back to its original size.
  • Drape or hang the hot blanket from a clothesline or a shower rod. Avoid using clothespins.
  • Before attaching the power or control plugs, the heated blanket must be completely dry.

Which Blanket Could be a Great Choice?

11 Best Electric Blankets of 2022

Many brands are selling electric blankets and duvets. Sunbeam is a well-known brand of electric blankets. They have electric blankets in various sizes and with varying levels of heating. The queen-size electric blanket easily accommodates two persons. Also, some new blankets include a dual control option that allows you to regulate the blanket’s temperature separately. The Sunbeam queen-size dual control electric blanket is a great option to stay warm in the upcoming winter. You may also get such electric blankets on sale on Amazon.

The Final Words

The best choice is to invest in an electric blanket for your queen-sized bed in winter. Amazon queen-size electric blankets on sale are the most effective ones. It would help if you took great care while using and cleaning the blanket because they are not the usual ones. Saying that electric blankets will give you a night of peaceful sleep in the chilling winter.

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