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Simple Tips for Musical Instrument Care and Maintenance

Simple Tips for Musical Instrument Care and Maintenance

Musical Instruments are hard to take care off, but if taken care, musical instruments are companions for life. A few months from now, a new school year would be starting, and that would mean for a lot of people, buying new musical instruments for their children. For parents who are buying new instruments for their kids, in this article, we have put together some basic tips for taking care of those musical instruments. Taking care of the musical instrument is not only important for the durability of the instrument, but at the same time is important to ensure that the child stays excited, and motivated to go to the music class and continue on their musical paths.

General Care

Before going to the specialized tips for different instruments, lets discuss about some general tips, to take care of your musical instrument.

Just as we take care of ourselves, depending on different weather conditions, similarly, it is also important that we take care of our musical instrument depending on what the weather is. Generally, the storage environment where the instrument is kept, should be dry. Since, most of the instruments are hollow, keeping them in a place where there, might be a case of moisture may harm it directly. At the same time, it is also important that the musical instrument be kept in a place which is cold, and doesn’t exceed the room temperature. In winters, it is a challenge to store your musical instruments, since, the weather is filled with moisture and the temperature is also low. Hence, in winters, you should allow the instrument to warm up before you start playing it.

Nowadays, musical instruments are very costly, and hence, you should also buy a protective bag or covering for the instrument, so that, it doesn’t go unattended, even if you are not present at that moment.

Wind Instruments

Wind instruments are those, which can be operated through wind, for instance, flutes or saxophones. The issue which arises with wind instruments is about cleanliness. While you blow the air, there are small cracks inside the instrument, and hence, the moisture gets accumulated in the pipeline. Moreover, it is advisable not to eat anything before practicing a wind instrument, since, food particles may accumulate inside the interior section of the instrument which would create a fungal growth.

Brass Instruments

Brass instruments are meant to be durable and are also easy to take care of. Though, brass instruments like trumpets, are predominantly wind instrument, it is easier to take care of them, just for the simple fact that they can be dismantled and cleaned. Brass instruments can be cleaned using a dry cloth. They can also be air dry, in a cold dry place, where there is no direct sunlight.

To make it shine, grease can be applied to the inner parts of a trumpet, but even if you are tempted to use chemicals, don’t use chemicals, since they might leave a stickiness to the surface.

Key Instruments

Key instruments are usually durable and don’t need daily cleaning. Clean the keys off periodically, since dust may accumulate on the surface. Also, there are several covers key covers available in the market. Use them to cover the key part of these instruments, when they are not in use.

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