Mr and Mrs Alexander deliver New Zealand’s magical records to lifestyles

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How does a person hammer a nail into their nose, or carry out a hypnotic illusion on a whole target audience?

 New Zealand’s Lifestyles


In Mr. and Mrs. Alexander, married performers Lizzie Tollemache and David Ladderman carry out stunts, magic, and illusions – however, they might not say how.

The display, playing Wellington’s Circa Theatre, is based in 1888 New Zealand and follows a famous husband and spouse duo act at their very last performance before they disappear.

The magical history Of Diamonds

If you look at the records of diamonds, you will speedy discover that diamonds had been continually valued above some other gem stones. Their “magical powers,” rarity and splendor have made them the image of kings and queens, of wealth, of love, and, of course, strength.

The diamonds have in all likelihood been one of the most coveted gem stones in history. For example, cut diamonds have adorned the crowns of kings and queens throughout the centuries, and uncut diamonds garnished the fits of the armor of the remarkable knights. These days, the diamonds are broadly diagnosed as a symbol of affection and betrothal.

The word diamond takes its foundation from the Greek Adams and its Roman equivalent dioramas, because of this “the unconquerable.” And, indeed, diamonds are the character’s hardest cloth, capable of resisting both steel and fireplace. Humans’ early efforts to triumph over their unbending energy and everlasting electricity earned them the recognition of being clearly indestructible.

The legends of the diamonds’ legendary powers have been passed alongside for a long time. As an instance, in India, where diamonds were first unearthed a few thousand years in the past, the diamonds had been favored more for their magic and electricity than for their beauty. The diamonds had been thought to guard its proprietor from thieves, illness, poison, hearth, snakes and all of the forces of evil put together.

The historic astrologers believed the diamonds, being the gemstone of the zodiac House of Aries, were effective for Human beings born underneath the planet of Mars. The meant diamonds may want to provide continuous love in marriage, the electricity of thoughts and fortitude, together with the capacity to shield towards nightmares, poisons, and witchcraft.

New york NY

Specific cultures valued diamonds for their specific houses. Romans used to put on a diamond in opposition to the skin in their left arm, hoping this may assist them to continue to be bold and brave in war and achieve victory over their enemies. Greeks used to set diamonds in metal to serve as an appeal in opposition to madness.

Credited with many magical powers, at one time diamonds were taken into consideration the emblem of fearlessness and invincibility. Humans believed that the mere ownership of a diamond might bestow the owner with superior braveness, energy, and bravery.

The history of diamonds additionally shows that there’s a trap to all the legendary powers related to this first-rate gemstone. The diamond wishes to “locate” you so you could enjoy its magic because it loses its powers if bought. but, if offered as a pledge of friendship or love, its potency may also go back, which offers any other correct purpose for its presence within the engagement ring.

A Persevering with Journey in the Magic records Of Singapore
This article is to introduce magicians and magic fanatics to the wealthy history of magic in Singapore. It honors the fantastic achievements, prominence, and the importance of neighborhood magicians from the beyond and present.

The start of Contemporary Magic in Singapore

It’s far the general consensus that Contemporary magic in Singapore (put up World Conflict 2) began with the past due-Ng Bo

Oen AKA The tremendous Wong. Information on neighborhood magic pre-Battle is very scarce. The most effective Information found has been at the exquisite Wong acting at the new World Entertainment Park (then located at Kitchener Avenue) within the Nineteen Thirties.

The incredible Wong became born in 1908 in Canton, a town of the Guangdong Province, China and immigrated to Singapore in 1933. He becomes the best expert magician of his time in Singapore and carried out throughout South East Asia. He changed into recognized for his sharp degree magic, Linking Rings ordinary and Sword Basket phantasm. He changed into additionally a professional craftsman who built all of his props through the hand. He had the gift of identifying the mechanics and method of magic props and fabricating them from scratch.

In 1962, The terrific Wong made an enormous contribution to the global magic network by means of publishing his well-known linking Earrings recurring with English script written by way of Tudor Brock. Davenports Magic in London distributes his manuscript so far. In 1982, he becomes invited via the Federation Internationale des Societes Magiques (FISM) to perform on the fifteenth Global Congress of Magic in Lausanne, Switzerland.


(For extra info on the tremendous Wong; seek advice from ‘The high-quality Wong Story’ in the international Brotherhood of Magicians Singapore Ring a hundred and fifteen The Quantum Ring Golden Jubilee Issue)

some other local magician who turned into instrumental in developing Modern-day magic in Singapore throughout The start turned into the late-Tan Hock Chuan. He turned into a trainer by career but accomplished for annual unique activities, charity indicates and private events. He turned into (and nonetheless is) internationally recognized for his magical innovations. His effects and thoughts are still advertised provider items These days and were published in countless guides (of that point) such as Gen, Spinx, Pentagram, New Pentagram, Swami Mantra, Abracadabra and even Tarbell’s path in Magic. He’s the primary Asian magician to get hold of the Spinx Award (1936-37)

Each The remarkable Wong and Tan Hock Chuan have been crucial impacts to most of the first era of Singapore Contemporary-magicians who have paved the way for future generations.

It changed into most effective after the Conflict and throughout the British Navy Administration that magic in Singapore started its rise to wherein It’s far Nowadays. 1950 became the 12 months that the Singapore Magician’s Membership turned into shaped through a set of amateur magicians, comprising of English-educated experts.

Magical Thesaurus

In 1951 the Singapore Magician’s Club obtained their constitution from The global Brotherhood of Magicians HQ in The USA and become from then on was formally referred to as The international Brotherhood of Magicians Singapore Ring one hundred fifteen. Founding individuals of the Club at that point included Tan Ewe Chee (President), Yeo Soon-Kian, Lim Kim Tian, Lim Hap Hin, J.H Stafford, L.A Joseph, J.W Jackson (Vice-President) and Tan Hock Chuan (Secretary).

The 50’s gave delivery to Singapore’s first technology of Contemporary magicians. Except the founding contributors of the IBM Ring and The first rate Wong (who joined the ring in 1952 by using invitation), a few prominent first generation magicians covered Lim Hap Hin, Tan Choon Tee, Tan Bah Chee, Yeo Soon-Kian and his student Michael Lim.


The fantastic Wong operated the first magic store from his home cum showroom/ workshop in Singapore at 255-A Jalan Besar wherein he offered his very own hand made props in addition to imported supplier gadgets from Japan. (This domestic/ save turned into destroyed in a hearth in Dec 1988 causing him to lose most of his books and props)

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