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Opinion: Do words still matter?

Opinion: Do words still matter?

Donkey’s years ago while Mr. B. Gibb opined “It’s most effective words, and phrases are all I have,” became the devalues one of the maximum treasured things regarded to mankind? Best words! Bloody hell, Barry! Words are once in a while all you want, says Philip Davies
Used nicely, phrases can trade the arena. They’re the motive speeches encourage, persuasion happens and websites sell. They paint pictures for your thoughts and when organized in only the proper order with just the right context they make us smile, laugh and decrease grown men to tears.

In this particular year, it’s tempting to take a position what Shakespeare – a man who knew how to show a phrase – would have produced had he lived today. He’d possibly be working in Hollywood. However, I opt to image him inventing new approaches to use language. He’d possibly blog a chunk. Tweet a few. Initiate a lot. Perhaps even wrap a bit. Heaven-forbid he’d must earn his crust in advertising.

What’s for sure is that his contribution from four hundred years in the past has proved so critical now not best to the improvement of drama and literature, But to mind, ideas and language. His mastery of the written and spoken word set the template for almost the lot, from how we profess our love to each different to how we specific our grief. His influence pervades so much of our lives today due to the fact his paintings has emerged as so undying in its potential to comment on human nature and reflect how it’s miles continuously changing.

That’s the element. Language isn’t static. It’s alive. And those that forecast the death of language with the triumph of the picture couldn’t be greater incorrect. Language is greater crucial than ever. Look how we communicate with each other. Appearance how we consume stuff. Look how we find out and find information on such things as Ride Consultant and other comparison web sites. Outstanding However genuine, 74% of internet users have written an online evaluate. Of customers, ninety-two% percentage say the quality source of product facts is word of mouth. Even as seventy-seven of clients read a blog before committing to buy. Words matter. Phrases promote.

Phrases persuade. We live in an age wherein we have no time for prolonged missives and information is introduced in 140 characters known as a tweet. Wherein our children are continuously texting, messaging and the usage of words in creative methods. Making up new phrases with fun abbreviations. A few reactionaries say it’s abhorrent and protest, ‘what are they doing to our language!’ However, they’re being innovative, cutting-edge and thrilling, thx v a good deal you OBHF. We can all smile at David Cameron’s confusion over whether LOL become masses of love or chuckle out loud Vinzite.

Those succinct new words are how language moves forwards. And shorter isn’t worse, it’s better. Being challenged to paste to a positive quantity of characters forces consciousness and serves simplicity. Brevity has constantly marked out right writing. The capacity to get internal a person’s head at velocity, that’s exceptional. While Ernest Hemingway changed into challenged to put in writing a quick tale in as few words as feasible, he wished most effective six, and three full stops. ‘On the market. Child footwear. Never worn.’ Amazing. Filled with greater exposition of the human situation than a library of verbose Archers.

Examine Spritz and the way it is reimagining how we consume words. It enables you to study with our transferring your eyes because you certainly Examine the centre of a display and each phrase in my opinion seems to be replaced through the subsequent. It’s Awesome. You can examine 500 words in line with minute. Meaning, you may examine Harry Potter in 72 mins or Struggle and Peace in a day. Or every word of the 150,000 posted each day inside the London Instances in 1.5 hours, which incidentally is twice the wide variety of words in Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors. Believe the opportunities.

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