Panasonic Announces New Alexa Integration for Automobiles

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AS VEGAS, Jan. Eight, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Panasonic announced today that it is running with Amazon to offer the next era of in-car infotainment (IVI) systems Alexa voice provider, including certain capabilities natively embedded. The integration will change the revel OEMs can provide to in-vehicle customers, permitting them to interact with the automobile’s voice carrier. Panasonic will supply an Alexa experience optimized for in-automobile use, choosing Alexa capabilities to be had, and not using an Internet connection required. The companies have proven the technology in the course of the Panasonic CES 2018 press convention held earlier nowadays in Las Vegas.


Panasonic and Amazon are accelerating the potential for automakers to connect drivers to the beneficial capabilities of Alexa. Amazon’s Alexa Onboard generation works with the Panasonic Skip Generation (Skip Gen) IVI generation introduced at CES 2017 and enables drivers to use the acquainted “Alexa” wake phrase to have interaction with the wise voice provider for the diffusion of in-car functions, which include car controls like HVAC, media, communique, and navigation. As part of the combination, Panasonic and Amazon are handing over the IVI capability to use Amazon’s Alexa Onboard technology, making certain Alexa talents to be had as built-in offerings and giving in-automobile users get admission to these Alexa features irrespective of community connection.

“When drivers have to get right of entry to too familiar Alexa contextual instructions and responses from within the vehicle, it opens up a brand new international of reports OEMs can offer – enabling a number of those abilities even without an Internet connection is progressive,” said Tom Gebhardt, President, Panasonic Corporation of North America. “The Panasonic and Amazon initiative to deliver automobile makers this functionality signifies Panasonic’s commitment to lead within the car industry, and one with a purpose to keep as we work with agencies like Amazon to transform IVI solutions.”

Alexa is a cloud-based voice carrier to be had on Alexa enabled gadgets like Amazon Echo and greater. The Alexa Onboard technology included in Panasonic Skip Gen technology will bring voice capability for in-vehicle users, and for the first time, provide certain select Alexa skills without an Internet connection.

Customers can actually ask Alexa for many stuff. For instance:

Navigation: Say, “Alexa, find the closest coffee shop,” and instantly get instructions for the use of handiest your voice.
Music: Ask Alexa to play the song out of your choose streaming services
Smart home: Control your smart home on the go together with Alexa. Just ask Alexa to warm up your house while commuting, take a look at it if your front door is locked, flip the lighting on an extra.
News: Say, “Alexa, what is the information?” to pay attention to you’re each day flash briefings.
Ordering: Order a meal delivered earlier than you even arrive home from meal shipping offerings like GrubHub and Amazon Restaurants.
“We’re thrilled that Panasonic has selected to embed Alexa technology into its car software program,” stated Ned Curic, Vice President, Amazon Alexa Automotive. “Alexa can help customers with lots of things in the automobile – navigation, song, audiobooks, and extra. This is a huge step towards bringing Alexa to customers wherever they may need her, whether they may be at domestic or on-the-pass.”

During CES 2018, Panasonic plans to exhibit the Alexa integration on Panasonic Skip Gen IVI at an invitation most effective occasion.

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Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America is a department agency of Panasonic Corporation of North America and is the pinnacle dealer of automotive infotainment systems globally, in line with IHS. Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America acts as the North American operating organization of Panasonic Corp.’s Automotive & Industrial Systems Company, coordinating international car and business systems and additives operations. Panasonic Automotive is headquartered in Peachtree City, Georgia, with income, advertising, and engineering operations in Farmington Hills, Michigan. For more records on Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America, please go to us.Panasonic.Com/car.

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Newark, NJ-based totally Panasonic Corporation of North America is a leading generation accomplice and integrator to businesses, authorities, corporations, and customers throughout the area. The organization is the fundamental North American subsidiary of Osaka, Japan-based totally Panasonic Corporation, and leverages its strengths in Immersive Entertainment, Sustainable Energy, Automated Supply Chains, and Connected Solutions to provide cozy and resilient integrated answers for B2B customers. Panasonic changed into highlighted in Forbes Magazine’s Global 2000 ranking as one of the Top Ten Best Regarded Companies for 2017. The rating is based on splendid rankings for trustworthiness, honesty with the public, and advanced performance of merchandise and solutions. Learn greater about Panasonic’s ideas and

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