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Indian Bank of Baroda is operating with a FinTech player to decorate its supply chain finance services.

Reports in Business Standard on Wednesday (Jan. 17) said iGTB (Intellect Global Transaction Banking) is integrating its delivery chain solutions into Baroda to provide to its own corporate clients. In addition to supply chain finance, the platform gives payable and provider finance. The companies said the solution can combine throughout channels and supports statistics analytics to enhance reporting abilities.

According to Baroda and iGTB, the collaboration will enhance automation and thru processing to reduce global transaction fees, reports stated.


Reports in advance this month discovered iGTB is seeking to enlarge internationally as properly, with the corporation announcing the appointment of Ravi Pandit as its new EVP and head of Sales inside the U.S. As it appears to strengthen its role inside the marketplace.

“With new initiatives, along with actual-time bills, forcing U.S. Banks to undergo large-scale digitalization at the same time as persevering with to offer pinnacle-stage offerings to clients of all sizes, many U.S. Era providers actually aren’t presenting the vital technology or enforcing those in a seamless, non-disruptive manner,” the executive stated on time.

Baroda’s iGTB partnership method the bank is becoming a member of a growing list of traditional players taking part with FinTechs to beautify supply chain finance and different corporate financial provider services. In 2014, Tokyo’s Mizuho Financial Group announced an address PrimeRevenue to further provide supply chain finance talents to the bank’s corporate clients. More recently, closing August, reviews stated the National Bank of Ras Al-Khaimah, also referred to as RAKBANK, is operating with Invoice Bazaar to offer supply chain financing capabilities to the economic institution’s clients.

Supply Chain Finance can also be referred to as Supplier Finance or Reverse Factoring. The time period “supply chain” in this context is used to refer to the network of organizations and activities concerned with producing, dispensing, and purchasing items and services provided through one or greater providers to an unmarried customer. For example, a massive business enterprise being provided by way of numerous smaller organizations. “Supply Chain Finance” refers to the provision of finance to several supplier corporations, within a single supply chain, below one umbrella arrangement that has been initially installation with the aid of the customer on the pinnacle of the delivery chain.

An example of Supply Chain Finance would be where a supermarket is buying merchandise from a wide range of smaller providers. The supermarket will arrange a Supply Chain Financing agreement with a financier such that each one of their providers have the option of gaining access to finance beneath the umbrella arrangement. This is regularly provided at aggressive charges that mirror the supermarket’s enterprise’s size rather than the dimensions of the person supplier businesses. In this way, the suppliers benefit from the arrangement as they may be able to get entry to finance at a good deal lower rates than they might normally achieve their personal proper.


Some arrangements may be as easy as the outstanding sales bill’s investment to the grocery store or similar large enterprise. Still, in a few instances, other offerings bolted onto the association to assist enhance the control of the entire supply procedure.

The Benefits of Supply Chain Finance

The advantage of Supply Chain Finance to the massive commercial enterprise arranging it in respect of their providers is that they’re capable of enjoying credit intervals from their suppliers. These are being funded at aggressive charges that their individual suppliers won’t have to attain their very own proper. This will inspire their suppliers to hold to offer that stage of credit score while they may no longer, in any other case, had been capable of coming up with the money for it.

The key that enjoys the providers’ angle inside the association is that they’re capable of access finance at fees that might typically be reserved for groups that can be an awful lot larger, for example, countrywide or international supermarket chains.


In recent times, we have visible a few examples of this kind of arrangement being mounted with a few important organizations’ aids. Those kinds of arrangements may be provided by way of several funders that also offer extra traditional bill finance and factoring centers.

Alternative to Supply Chain Factoring & Reverse Factoring

However, a Supply Chain Finance or Reverse Factoring arrangement might not continually be the right solution for a particular dealer. There can often be other problems that purpose a dealer to seek a facility independent of their client. An instance is probably no longer wishing their financing to be connected to their client. They soak up of a Supply Chain Finance arrangement may not be unanimous amongst the suppliers to a selected business. Every state of affairs desires to be reviewed on its personal merits and compared with different alternatives to be had independently within the market.

The maximum important benefit of using Bridging Finance is that you can complete the purchase of brand new assets earlier than the sale of your present assets has completed. Setting up the sale of your existing property and coordinating the purchase of a brand new property can be extraordinarily hard and create strain and stress. If there’s enough equity to your current property, you will be able to include the finance needed for all the costs concerned. A Bridging Finance Loan is a temporary domestic loan that enables clients to buy their choice assets without being held up using the lengthy sales technique. This may be a huge plus whilst you find the property for you, and also, you do no longer want to threaten to drop it via a lengthy chain to your sale. You also can use Bridging Finance to keep away from getting into rented accommodation and circulate directly into your new domestic.

Bridging Finance additionally has the advantage of having a brief manner and has many distinct uses. It may be used for investment public sale finance, first and second mortgages, home upkeep and refurbishment, new-build development and production in addition to debt consolidation. Many Bridging Finance providers provide an option to defer fees to be charged until your sale’s final touch, after which introduced for your new loan. This may be useful in keeping the expenses down.

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