Pokemon Go daily fix: What to do once you reach level 5

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Wouldn’t be pronouncing too much if we say Pokemon Pass has become a phenomenon in much less than a week. It wishes no creation, now not anymore, now not in India, not everywhere else. Even though the sport isn’t always but to be had in India, however thinking about you’ve already downloaded the sport via APKs (click here if you haven’t), it might be safe to speak about the fabled level 5, which opens doorways to the ones pink, blue, or yellow-colored towers aka gyms.

The game itself gives almost no assistance to the complexities surrounding the arena of pocket monsters. Existence until stage 5 is straightforward and smooth. You stroll around, seize Pokemons, collect objects from Pokestops, and that is it. Neat deal!

It is the moment you attain the extent 5 you realize it was not even the end of an iceberg; it was only a speck of snow possibly. With this each day blog, I provide you an in-depth first-man or woman enjoy of the game.

For now, permit’s check out what awaits you at level 5 and above.

A wild Professor Willow regarded

The good of’ Professor remains as beneficial as he turned into before. Or, in other phrases, no longer useful at all.

Professor Willow surely tells you presently you can be part of a team and go to gyms to teach your Pokemons or combat to assert a gym.

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  • Team? Nobody instructed me. It is a multi-player game.

Rightly so, It’s not. However, you may need to pick one crew from crew Instinct, crew Mystic, and group Valor.

These teams follow unique faculties of notion, apparently just a gimmick to assist the gameplay. It would not, without a doubt, remember which group you pick out.

Group Intuition:

These people believe their guts when it comes to Pokemon warfare.

Group Mystic:

Those human beings agree with Pokemons have “immeasurably deep” know-how and that Pokemon running shoes need to recognize and examine that knowledge.

Crew Valor:

These human beings are all approximately going all out in a conflict. They trust Pokemons are extraordinarily robust creatures.


As we said in advance, it doesn’t sincerely depend. It topics only whilst you want to teach your Pokemons or combat some Pokemons. however, how?

It’s time to hit the gym.

From the first actual degree, you ought to have been seeing tall colored towers. Now could be the time you realize greater approximately them.

A pink tower is owned via a member of crew Valor, a blue one is through group Mystic, and the ultimate one, the yellow tower, is owned with the aid of a member of team Intuition.
In case you input a fitness center of your own group, say crew Valor, you can train your Pokemons there. Schooling a Pokemon is simply the same as preventing in opposition to one.

And In case you input a fitness center of a rival team, which may be either Intuition or Mystic, you’ll must combat the Pokemon there. If you beat the monster, the tower’s coloration adjustments to that of your crew.

That sounds smooth, proper?

Properly, now not continually.

Although it has been only a week since the game was launched, humans had been gambling it like their lives depend on it. Whilst you reached stage 5, some are already at degree 10 or maybe higher.

While you enter a gymnasium with a person at level eight, nine, or 10, you have to expect a Pokemon with Fight Electricity over 400 or maybe 500. In my case, I took delight in my Growlithe with 158 CP. Getting into the gymnasium, I realized I used to be up towards a Golbat with 379 CP.

I don’t take pride anymore. And my Growlithe is actually in a health facility.

So It’s higher to discover extra Pokemon, level up a bit greater, evolve a few Pokemons, and gather more potions before Entering a health club.

So is it all terrible after stage five?

Well, not always. There are bright facets to achieving degree 5.
— You start finding higher and more potent Pokemons.

— You earn more revel in points with each seize.

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