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Tips that will help you to maintain lift

Tips that will help you to maintain lift

Lifts are really important to carry out our day to day chores smoothly. Although lift industries are popular for taking proper care of health and safety of the user very well which makes it a reliable source of transportation but like every other machine lift need maintenance too.

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Regular maintenance and services make the lifts durable, increases its life and ensure the safety standards. There are few simple tips that we should follow to prevent the troubles that lift may cause.

  • Educate others about its functions

Make sure that whosoever uses it knows how to operate it. Though operating a lift is not hard but still, there are few people who aren’t much aware of its rules and regulations. No matter how best efforts are made by the facilities manager fact is that accidents can still occur. The most common unsafe situation is passenger getting stuck in a closed lift or between the doors of the lifts when it’s being closed. First of all, ensure that your lift system’s detection system is updated this will help in avoiding many mishaps that happen due to passengers error for example when they try to stop a lift by inserting their arms or feet in between the lifts of the door. A primary set instruction for lift passengers, that makes him mindful about visible signs and aids specifying lift best practices, is a facilities manager’s greatest hope for the avoidance of accidents.

  • Inspect it regularly

Prevention is always better then cure, therefore do not wait for the lift to give you signs about its damage instead inspect for impairment if there is any on regular basis. This will definitely reduce the chances of lift accidents. There are a lot of people who do not realize the importance and just rely on insurance inspector to review their lift system twice a year so that is covered legally. Unkempt lifts can outcome in long delays while waiting for repairs, lead to untimely aging, generate huge financial expense and, worse still, become a danger to both passengers and service employees. Therefore we would recommend you to have a lift system serviced every month.

  • Keep up with regulations

Lift rules and regulations frequently keep developing to improve the lift industry and its maintenance practices. Recently installed lifts need to have structures such as better-quality strength and durability of car walls, roofs, and doors, higher requirements for fire resistance of car interiors and mandatory elevator control panels complete with a Stop button in the pit. The new standards will further protect the elevator’s reputation for exceptional safety practices.

  • Plan a regular maintenance

Supervisors must have a strategic precautionary maintenance program in place with their chosen lift service provider. The oldness of a lift system and size of the building are both aspects that need to be taken into consideration when planning maintenance, as aged systems with more floors to cover may involve a more exhaustive service, which will take more time


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