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When the Alfa Romeo Giulia burst onto the scene final 12 months, it has become the brand new preferred in sports activities sedans because it went face to face with the pleasant from Germany. Its smooth appearance, thrill a minute performance, and Italian pedigree made this sedan a stand-out system to the quantity that it snatched several awards, including Motor Trend’s prestigious Car of the Year gong.

Now the Italian brand is returned, but this time, it’s trying to redefine the luxurious crossover section with its first-ever SUV, the Stelvio. Dropped instantly onto the Giulia’s platform, the Stelvio selections up wherein the Giulia left off. This crossover oozes sexiness, is properly proportioned, and boasts a punchy engine with engaging on-road manners. I got to force it at the mountain roads around Los Angeles in late 2017, around six months earlier than its creation into the Japanese marketplace.


With over one in 3 automobiles anticipated to be an SUV inner of 5 years, the sports activities software section is getting greater crowded every yr as manufacturers rush to inject their contemporary SUVs right into a hungry marketplace. Into a segment ruled via the BMW X3, Mercedes GLC, Porsche Macan, Jaguar F-Pace, Audi Q5, and Lexus NX, the Stelvio arrives with an appropriate outside and stand-out road cred.

Ven though this Italian SUV profits inexperience top over the Giulia, it still manages to wear Alfa’s signature grille, perfectly proportioned headlights, and sensuous rear curves like a knockout catwalk model from the Milan Spring-Summer Collection.

But the Stelvio is not just a quiet face. It’s a laugh in the back of the wheel too. Almost as engaging because of the Giulia, this Alfa is a blast to drive with a beefy four-cylinder engine involving nimble handling. Powered using a turbocharged 2.Zero-liter pumping out 280ps and forty.8Nm of torque, the Stelvio can sprint from 0 to 100km/h in just 5.7 seconds and hold up with most German competition. Acceleration is immediate and effective because the Stelvio transfers its horses thru an 8-pace automated gearbox to Alfa’s very efficient 4 wheel drive system.

While this setup is biased in the rear-wheel force’s direction in normal driving conditions, lose traction on a slippery nook, and the Q4 four-wheel-pressure machine will shift 50% of its energy to the front axle to regain control of the auto. For a mid-sized SUV, it’s climactic and nicely-behaved and goosebump invoking, like the climax of Giacomo Puccini’s conventional aria Nessun Dorma from the famed opera Turandot.

Drive this SUV at around 20% below its adhesion limits, and the Stelvio will resist body roll and nook with motive and precision. Push it to the max, and you may be forced to experiment with immoderate lean and wholesome servings of understeer. The Stelvio’s suspension settings are rather stiff to generate the car’s sporty experience and hold the body as flat as viable in corners. And even as experience great is ideal for the most part, the experience is not as compliant as saying the BMW X3.

As you’d expect with 4-piston Brembo brakes, preventing power can provide sufficient chunk and a typical correct pedal experience. At regular street speeds, wind and road noise are nicely contained simultaneously as diffused synthetically generated, and surprisingly attractive exhaust sounds are piped in via the audio system.


Inside, the Stelvio delivers comparable trim and luxury fittings because of the Giulia with masses of leather-based, -toned black and silver steerage and sprint design and polished paddle shifters that make every equipment exchange a satisfaction. Head and legroom are probably sufficient for a layout-orientated SUV. While the Alfa’s infotainment device is intuitive and easy to use, it’s now not the maximum advanced phase.

For Alfa’s first try at an SUV, the Stelvio is a winner. It looks sensational on the street, is quick off the mark, changes direction sweetly offers a costly, relaxed indoors, and employs the same fashionable package deal of safety gear that earned a five-famous person rating in Euro NCAP testing. So inside the equal way, as the Giulia took the sport proper as much as the exceptional German and Japanese sports activities sedans, the Stelvio’s appearance and overall performance will undoubtedly generate increased flow via Alfa showroom doorways over the following couple of years. Prices for the Japanese marketplace are not but to be had; however, expect them to be par with German opponents.

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