Beauty is bliss at new Winter Park salon

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If you step internal Bliss Beauty Bar in Winter Park, you’re right now hit with a wave of tranquility.

Soft music plays inside the history, while daylight streams in through the large open home windows.

It is closing relaxation, and that’s exactly how owner Tina Nguyen deliberate it to be.


“We wanted to create a special feel — something an extra present day, high-priced and relaxing,” Nguyen stated. “We usually play smooth, serene music, and the pedicure/nail trimming vicinity is separated. That’s accomplished on purpose because we want to create a pedicure vicinity where human beings can just loosen up and pay attention to the smooth track. Then over at the nail bar, there’s absolutely a tv, and this is greater of the location wherein you could communicate.”

Located at a hundred and fifteen N. Orlando Ave. Suite one hundred and one, Bliss Beauty Bar’s call is pretty reflective of the assortment of services it gives. In addition to nail services, the business also offers up services like eyelash extensions, professional make-up, facial and body waxing. Bliss additionally offers its offerings for events together with weddings, fundraising events, and personal parties.

“We name it a splendor bar, as it’s a mixture of various splendor services — it’s not your regular nail salon,” Nguyen said. “It’s like a one-stop store for all services.”

Although Nguyen opened Bliss Beauty Bar on Dec. 21, the idea of beginning her personal beauty salon has been a longtime dream. Nguyen, who grew up and acquired the maximum of her training in Orlando, is actually a practicing pharmacist who owns and operates the Millennium Specialty Pharmacy, which sits throughout Bliss’s road.

Although she loves her day job, she continually harbored a preference to dabble in beauty services.

“Beauty has usually been an ardor of mine,” Nguyen said. “My interest on the side — apart from being a pharmacist — is doing makeup, so I’ve been doing freelance makeup and actually were given certified a couple of years ago.”

Nguyen’s first foray into the beauty business changed in 2009, while she opened a nail salon in Hunter’s Creek.

Although she loved a few achievements, Nguyen had to sell the salon as soon as her family began to grow with children’s addition.

After some years, Nguyen decided it became time to get lower back to the field she cherished.

“Due to the ever-converting splendor enterprise with new offerings and new merchandise, and new things coming out in the marketplace, I decided to come back in,” Nguyen said. “I experience that my antique concept, which becomes my nail salon, had to be something one-of-a-kind. There needed to be an evolution of the typical nail salon, so I notion up Bliss Beauty Bar.”

From there, the days have been packed with research and selections before Nguyen, in the end, placed Bliss collectively and made her dream a fact.

“We need humans to recognize that they’re in an extraordinary salon,” Nguyen said. “Our mission assertion is to offer world-class spa and beauty offerings to every and every purchaser utilizing the present-day know-how in the splendor industry, supplying brilliant customer service and exceeding our client’s expectancies on each stage of cleanliness, elegance, and relaxing surroundings.”

LENGTHY days are the norm in own family lifestyles, whether or not partners paintings within the home or elsewhere. The cease of some days, with pressures ambulating, is an eating hearth, an unmarried second boils over, a harsh tone is uttered, and then… Emotional distance clogs the air.

Such is the case in maximum families’ lives now and again.

But redemption is the possibility for reconciliation to rise in modes of surrender.

When a partner recognizes the predicament’s motive – that it’s tiredness, nothing extra – then humility has its shot. Courage to fold. Honesty to concede. Love then extends.

You’re washing the dishes, and something small is performed, something so diffused, but which would not elude your interest – a few grimy dishes are moved to within attain, and a bench is wiped clean. No phrases. Just I note that!

Sure, these are the matters that could generally happen as companions truly assist each other, but tonight it is special. A small though concerted-and-very-significant effort has been made to reach in the direction of the other, and the splendor in that second has been noticed and acquired. A coronary heart softens in reaction.

A small, subtle gift is pivotal when an accomplice is prepared to obtain it, and perhaps the magic in relationships is being attuned to each other enough to note.

What followed turned into a hug, a tired resigned hug where we fell into every other’s arms within the resolute mood of defeat. But in unity. Compromise, the splendor of subtlety in mutual submission.

Anger has enough of any marriage’s moments. How candy the surrender of conceding to the reality of exhaustion. How appropriate to be aware of an associate’s efforts, however small. There is bliss in the marital communique that affects phrases, which recognizes and redounds in groans.

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