Fake god uncovered: Former New Age blogger smashes deceptions of Fake religions after encountering Holy Spirit

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“All the False god of this international has to offer is a pile of c**p disguised as a delight for a season that results in demise ultimately.”

The quote comes from former New Age blogger Steven Bancarz, once one of the main on-line writers for spirit technology and metaphysics subjects.

The air of secrecy information about Bancarz reveals in a current Fb put up his encounter with the Holy Spirit earlier this yr. Bancarz says it was a life-changing revel that made him understand the deceptions being peddled using Fake religions.

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Now, he’s on an undertaking to show the lies in the back of those Fake religions by preaching the fact about Jesus Christ.
BloggerBancarz says the Fake god of the brand new Age motion “hints you into revolt and offers you pride to make you believe you studied you do not want Jesus, and you could ‘get proper with God’ later.”

He says the movement tells its followers that it’s a religion to persuade them not to appear any similarly. “You might go along with it because your flesh is vulnerable and your coronary heart is probably hardened with ache, however deep down under the floor your spirit wants all that God has for you,” he says.

He notes that different religions tell their followers that they might go to heaven via following positive things like “obey all commandments, and Maybe you’ll be saved however who knows; dispose of all your goals and rid your thoughts of attachment to the whole thing; have a look at the mysteries and learn All the mystery know-how you may to free yourself from the cloth world.”

In comparison, “there is no capture, no hazard and no pleasant print” in Christianity. “Jesus gives you new existence, an eternity in Heaven, regeneration, and the entirety the human spirit may want to even dream of soliciting for, and it would not feel you a factor apart from to give up your heart to Him and have confidence in the work he did at the go. It’s it,” he says.

Bancarz says he wants to “put it on the market” Jesus to others who nevertheless don’t trust that they all have to get admission to the present of salvation that He brings. “God loves YOU, and Jesus died for YOU, and it charges you nothing to obtain these blessings,” he says.

He says he desires to inform these humans that Jesus is “the great News ever.”

“He gives us his Holy Spirit to confirm this stuff for us too. It is actual, it is what existence is all approximately … I’ve come to realize him simply as loads of thousands and thousands of others have, you could realize him too, and all Jesus asks for in going back is your coronary heart,” Bancarz says.

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