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Lawyer fined $7,000 over blogger case

Lawyer fined $7,000 over blogger case

Lawyer M. Ravi become surpassed $7,000 in penalties by means of a disciplinary tribunal after he admitted to denigrating activist blogger Roy Ngerng in a video clip and failing to forward $29,000 from Mr Ngerng to a 3rd birthday celebration.

A disciplinary tribunal appointed by means of Leader Justice Sundaresh Menon and comprising Senior Recommend Chan Leng Solar and Attorney Ronald Choo time-honored that Mr Ravi turned into troubled with bipolar disorder then, noting there was ” some proof” he had been on remedy.

But it made clean that such mitigating elements did know not “completely exonerate” him. “His conduct changed into no longer appropriate,” it stated in decision grounds released the day gone by.

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Mr Ravi, forty five, had then been performing for Mr Ngerng in a defamation match via Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, represented via Drew & Napier.

He mentioned that Mr Ngerng had given him $29,000 in January final year to be paid to Drew & Napier in compliance with court docket orders made inside the suit. He didn’t try this and, approximately 10 days later, back the coins to Mr Ngerng, telling him to pay Drew & Napier himself.

5 days later, Mr Ravi in a video clip spoke towards Mr Ngerng, alleging amongst other matters that Mr Ngerng sought to depart the usa with monies which belonged to the public in a “legal fund”.

His lawyers Eugene Thuraisingam and Suang Wijaya argued that his bipolar sickness relapse have to excuse him, including that there was no dishonesty or deceit on his part.

Lawyers Sean Los angeles’Brooy and Michelle Chua prosecuted for the Law Society and psychiatrist Tommy Tan confirmed that Mr Ravi’s relapse mitigated his misconduct.
Mr Ravi, presently a non-practising Legal professional, turned into ordered to pay $2,000 for the misconduct price and $five,000 as penalty for his mistaken utterances within the video clip.

One at a time, three senior attorneys face disciplinary motion earlier than the court of 3 Judges for expert misconduct following two separate tribunal probes. The court docket is the apex body to deal with professional misconduct by legal professionals.

Attorneys Sum Chong Mun and Kay Swee Tuan were implicated in a case involving the problem of a certificate for an enduring strength of lawyer in which the previous had no longer in my opinion witnessed the signature of the donor at the document.

Ms Kay, who retired last yr, had asked Mr Sum to signal as witness to the donor’s signature, which had already been pre-affixed.

Legal professional S. Udeh Kumar became stated the 3-judge court by a tribunal comprising Senior Counsel Kenneth Tan and Attorney Tan Gee Tuan for being “a serial perpetrator of losing expense and the court docket’s time” and ordered to pay $25,000 on the subject of other prices.

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