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How to Buy a Suitable Plastic Granulator

How to Buy a Suitable Plastic Granulator

Granulation is the process of converting scrap plastic into fine plastic granules, which become more manageable in size to be sold in the market openly. To assist in this process, a plastic granulator is used for size reduction, a substantial step in recycling plastic waste. This machine has the ability to break down the plastic products quickly and restructure them into small uniform pieces to be used by other industries for various purposes.

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However, with an increasing number of manufacturers getting indulged into manufacturing of such machines, the quality of outcome seems to have been downgraded. Not deploying the right machine can be highly ineffective in managing your material cost with the little raising of recycled content. So, let us discuss some considerations for buying a suitable plastic granulator and have an efficient granulating system-

Type of Material

Thorough knowledge of the type of material you are planning to granulate is the first step before heading out to buy a plastic granulator. Describe your material and decide how much you need to granulate as the physical size and shape of plastic parts plays an important role. The type of plastic is another crucial consideration to keep in mind before you buy the machine. Remember- each plastic type requires a different treatment and getting an all-in-one granulator is practically not possible.

Type of Knives

Using large cutting chambers with long rotors and bed knives aids in processing greater volumes of plastic scrap in one go. Moreover, buying a granulator with quality knives helps in adding up to the production rates. The cheap knives, on the other hand, become dull easily and require constant sharpening. In addition, the number of knives used in a granulator also decides the efficiency of the job. Each granulator has a different number of knives as per the design, deciding the varied levels and precision of output.

Type of Electric Motor

The motor is the core of a granulator and is indeed the most expensive part. It gives power to the whole machinery for an efficient working. But, today many manufacturers are resorting to using lower grade motor to compete in the market which directly affects productivity in the long run. Although, a fast need not necessarily produce better results, but when combined with other important factors bring out excellent granulation efficiency.

Reliability and Service Life

Other than the above-mentioned characteristics of a granulator, its reliability and longevity are also one of the important indicators, helping in selecting the most suitable one with stable performance. Buying it from a reliable plastic granulator manufacturer will ensure robust structure and quality parts directly adding up to the service life of the machinery and leading to high production efficiency as well.

To determine the appropriate granulation equipment, you should examine various granulator manufacturers in the market to look out for the one providing the most reliable product. You can do a search online and also look out for their reviews. After all, the key is to buy a good price for the machine and a hassle-free after-sales service.


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